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Following nominations in all audio categories in our GOTY awards, we shine a spotlight on the Saramonic Blink 500 series and Vmic Mini S aramonic produces a wide range of professional audio equipment that caters for all levels of production, frombloggers to broadcast. With a Sounds like awinner

range that includes on-camera wiredmics, audiomixers and wireless transmitters/ receiver systems, there is everything you need to capture crystal-clear audio. Go lightly The Blink 500 series is one of Saramonic’s finest offerings. The featherweight wireless microphone systemdelivers broadcast-quality sound, designed for use with cameras andmobiles. The system can handle two wireless transmitters dependent onmodel, with six models on offer, from the Blink 500 B1 to Blink 500 B6. The Blink 500models are ideal for everyone from vloggers to filmmakers, delivering crystal-clear, broadcast-quality sound in a tiny, portable yet robust package. The system is a receiver and up to two transmitters. The mics can be handheld, slipped into a pocket, placed on an out- of-sight surface, or used as a lavalier microphone as an added option. When it comes to set-up, things couldn’t be easier. You can be up and running without any frustrating delays, nomatter what camera system you are using. Simply take the Blink 500 out of the box, mic-up, turn on and it will do the rest. Not only that, but it will automatically balance the feed when working with two transmitters. Whatever your preferred workflow, the Blink 500 is flexible. Compatibility with DSLR andmirrorless cameras is a natural step, but it can even be used with a smartphone, using either Android or iOS. This ultimate convenience means you will never have tomiss a moment of the action due to poor sound again. The systemoperates over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency, a global standard,

ABOVE The Blink 500 (B2) models feature a receiver and up to two transmitters

“The Blink 500models are ideal for vloggers and filmmakers, delivering crystal-clear sound”

cable, audio is improved dramatically. The all-metal body is also finely designed: perfectly sized for use with DSLR and smaller mirrorless bodies and not too large for mobile devices. With no batteries to install or charge, no buttons or switches to operate, the Vmic Mini is plug-and-play. One standout feature of the Vmic Mini design is the unique microphone shock mount. This integrated element is robust and sleek, for a stable design. Another strong draw is the advanced and uniquely designed bullet-like windscreen. It features a sturdy gasket, which aids in blocking wind noise, helps protect the microphone with a level of weather- resistance and keeps the whole package securely fastened in place while on the go. For mounting options on cages, boom poles, tripods andmore, the Vmic Mini’s built-in locking camera shoe features a metal 1/4-20 tripod thread at the base. Two output cables are included, for connectivity with cameras as well as smartphones and tablets via the headphone jack. For those demanding professional audio but restricted by budget, there’s really no compromise with the Saramonic Vmic Mini Compact Condenser Video Mic. Whatever your existing set-up and whatever your need, you won’t be disappointed.

meaning it can be used worldwide without any licensing issues or interference with other systems. Utilising 24-bit/48KHz resolution, Blink 500models capture high- quality audio over a distance of 50m and will automatically switch channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts. The GOTY-nominated B1 and its sibling, the B2, are designed for those with a slightly more advanced set-up, primarily shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless system. The receiver on eachmodel is powered by a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, offering reliable performance. Connection is a 3.5mm jack, though bothmodels are still compatible with smartphones, voice recorders and other audio devices. The Blink B3, B4, B5 and B6 on the other hand are designed primarily for mobile devices. The former two connect via Lightning port while the latter use USB-C. What we’re left with in the Blink 500 system is a portable yet powerful wireless solution, ideal for a wide range of video creatives seeking a system that won’t slow themdown. Both barrels The Saramonic Vmic Mini Compact Condenser Video Mic is the second in a handful of nominations for the brand. Much like the Blink 500models, this mini shotgun is compact, lightweight, widely compatible and of supreme high quality. Whenmounted directly on a DSLR, mirrorless or other video camera, the Vmic Mini allows users to capture professional, broadcast-ready sound. When connected to a smartphone or tablet via the included

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ABOVE Good audio is critical for top-quality productions and Saramonic has a range of solutions to help



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