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Everything from sturdy tripods and fluid heads to high-techmotorised gimbals, sliders andmore, these are essential bits of kit. It’s the place where innovation is always rife, with new features and concepts all the time. And of course fierce competition has seen prices of some things drop. You can buy a lot of motorised gimbal for a few hundred pounds nowadays, for example. The tripod is at the very heart of a filmmaker’s kit and, of course, there is no one perfect tripod. Some are large and ideal for large cinema cameras, others smaller andmore portable so are ideal for mirrorless rigs, and there is a huge range of prices to suit all budgets. Sachtler’s innovation seems to know no bounds and the Flowtech 75 tripod is proof of that, thanks to its flat carbon-fibre legs and speedy set up. But it’s a big tripod ideal for large cameras, while at the other end of the scale is Manfrotto’s Befree Live is made for small cameras on location. Sirui is a big entrant into the tripodmarket with its range of new sets of legs to suit a range of cameras, while Benro, Libec, E-Image andManfrotto continue to offer great-value tripods with innovative features. If you thought sliders had reached the pinnacle of design, then think again. Kenro’s Double Distance Slider and Edelkrone’s Wing show innovation is far fromover. This is one category where clever engineering and designmake a real difference to the products you buy. In terms of rigs, some of the most forward-thinking companies quickly get to grips with the newest cameras on the market, which is why there are nominations for the Vocas Sony FX9 Basic kit, Shape A7S III shoulder mount, Zacuto Red Komodo cage, Tilta TA-T09 Sigma fp rig and a Red-fit 8Sinn cage. And in handheld stabilisers, there are somany great ones to choose from, but we singled out the all- in-one DJI Osmo Pocket as well as DJI Ronin-SC, GlidecamHD-Pro, GudsenMoza Aircross, Manfrotto Gimbal 460 kit and Zhiyun Crane 3S Pro Director kit.

Tripod system Sirui BCT-3203 video kit Sirui BCT-2203 video kit Manfrotto MVK502C-1 Pro Video Carbon System Manfrotto Befree Live Libec TH-Z T Benro A373FBS6PRO Velbon DV-7000N Sachtler 4585 Flowtech 75 MS Kenro Twin Tube video kit E-Image GH06 GC752 kit Monopod Manfrotto XPRO four-section Libec HFMP kit Steadicam AIR-25 Benro A48FDS4 aluminiummonopod kit Kenro Video monopod kit (carbon fibre) Slider Kenro Double Distance slider Hague Camera Supports Camslide Edge Hague Camera Supports S800 Camslide Ikan SLD-31 Syrp Magic Carpet Long Slider kit Libec ALX S4 Kessler Cineslider 3ft Rhino Ultimate Slider bundle Edelkrone SliderOne v2 Edelkrone Wing Kessler Pocket Dolly 3 Standard Rig Vocas Sony FX9 Run & Gun kit Shape A7SIII shoulder mount Zacuto Red Komodo cage with Kameleon Pro EVF SmallRig 3009 Master kit Tilta TA-T09 Sigma fp rig Blackmagic Ursa Mini Shoulder kit 8Sinn cage for Red Komodo Stabiliser/gimbal DJI Osmo Pocket DJI Ronin-SC GlidecamHD-Pro Gudsen Moza Aircross Manfrotto Gimbal 460 kit Zhiyun Crane 3S Pro Director kit



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