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the look of your work. From large and fully customisable, high-tech lights such as the Rotolight Titan X2, right the way down to the Aputure Accent B7C, which replaces household bulbs, and everything in between, lights are definitely a key component in filmmaking. So vote for your choice. With cameras spitting out data at ever-faster rates, memory cards and hard drives have had to evolve to keep up. With new types of memory cards, such as CFexpress Type A, and innovative hard drives with amazing security tech, there is a glut of great products that deserve to be honoured.

The cases and bags of filmmakers are not just home to cameras and lenses, but are packed with all sorts of accessories that are simply essential when working professionally. From the bags and cases themselves to hard drives, lighting, monitors, memory cards and software, these are often the unsung heroes of the professional. So it’s time to honour these must- buy accessories. Some accessories aren’t just there to make your life easier, but can actually improve the final quality of your movies. Monitor/ recorders are one such accessory, where the large screen not only helps you get everything right during the take, but can unlock more quality from your camera. And of course one place it’s vital to spend wisely is in lighting as this –more than just about anything else – will have a huge impact on

IMAGES From lighting to memory cards, monitors, bags and mics, filmmakers can’t go wrong with the products we have shortlisted

Roller/hard case

Monitor and/or recorders Atomos Ninja V Small HD 702 Focus Small HD Cine 7 Red kit Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR 7in Light panels Creamsource Vortex 8 Rotolight Titan X2 Rotolight Anova Pro 2 Nanguang Nanlite Mixpad 27 Litepanel Gemini 2x1

Fiilex Matrix II RGBW punch light Nanlite Forza 60 Aputure LS 600D Lighting innovation Aputure Accent B7c

Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 128GB External hard drives Samsung SSD X5 Samsung SSDT7 Touch 1TB G-Technology ArmorLock SSD 2TB

Manfrotto Prolight Reloader Tough-55 Tamrac Speedroller International Think Tank Airport Security V3.0 Camrade Travelmate 360 Peli 1607 Air Case Tenba Cineluxe Roller 21 HPRC 2700W case for FX9 Backpack/holdall Benro FN400BK Falcon 400 Think Tank Mindshift Photocross 15 Think Tank Urban Access Backpack Think Tank Video Workhorse 19 Vanguard Veo Range 38 messenger Crumpler Triple A Camera Sling 8000 Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic Balance backpack Tenba Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 24 Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 450 AW II

RGBWW LED Aputure MC RGBWW film light Westcott 7633 Flex Cine Daylight Creamsource Vortex 8 Memory cards PNY Elite-X SDXC 512GB Delkin XQD 240GB Delkin CFast 2.0 256GB Delkin Power SDXC 128GB Sony Tough SDXC 128GB Sony XQD G Series 120GB Sony CFexpress Type A Tough 160GB Samsung Evo Plus microSDXC 512GB Lexar CFexpress Type B 512GB Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC UHS-II 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro CFexpress Type B 128GB

G-Technology ArmorATD 4TB Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 2TB Lacie Rugged SSD Pro 1TB Thunderbolt 3 Lacie Rugged Boss SSD 1TB Lacie 1big Dock SSD Pro 2TB Lexar SL200 Portable SSD 1TB Lexar Pro SL100 SSD 1TB Editing software

Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-colour 1x1

Aputure Nova P300c Arri Skypanel S60-C F&V Z400S LED Westcott 7633

Flex Cine Daylight Kino Flo Freestyle T44 Gaffer LED DMX kit Hard lights Westcott Solix Litepanels Sola 4+ Daylight fresnel Ledgo 120W LED fresnel

Adobe Premiere Pro Avid Media Composer Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 Apple Final Cut Pro X Sony Vegas Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Lupo Day LED 2000 Broncolor LED F160



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