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Not all lenses are made equal, but that’s what we love about them! Here, we examine some recent advanced additions to the optic world – from distinctive looks to practical assets

WORDS. Lee Renwick IMAGES. Various F or many decades now, cinematographers have rightfully so. Between focal length, aperture, optical quality and now many more modern attributes, they offer a delightful range of looks – each designed to complement or juxtapose the equally distinctive aesthetic of a particular camera. Today, expansion shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, a recent assessment by Transparency Market Research revealed the global cinema lens market is set to reach a value just shy of $2.5 billion within the next nine years. That’s highly promising been spoilt for choice when it comes to lens selection – and for the industry at large, but for us, it’s raised a more creative

BRAVE NEW WORLD Lens advancements made in just the last few months are set to change cinematography

and a first glance alone indicates they live up to their name. Limited to two small, individually branded lens sets at present – although limited may not be the best choice of words when examining the launch offerings – the series is promised to evolve. The first set of Look primes add a level of control and variability to optical detuning. It’s a popular choice in the modern era of supremely high-resolution digital

question. What is in demand and why? Perhaps the best metric to predict what’s coming is to look at the exciting recent developments. Here’s what’s hitting sets lately – and why it matters. UNLIKELY HEROES Arri Rental has listed some truly unique additions amid its batch of exclusive lenses. The aptly dubbed Heroes series consists of ‘eclectic lenses with optical superpowers’,

HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO Arri Rental’s Heroes series gives additional creative control (below)


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