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The Heroes optics are all the more surprising for their contrast to Arri’s more standard lens sets. Signature Primes, for example, remain at the cutting edge of modern performance. The 16-piece collection provides incremental coverage from 12mm to 280mm, fast T1.8 apertures across the board, and an admirable look that straddles sharpness and cinematic flattery. Focus breathing and distortion are kept to a bare minimum to aid lens tracking – and then there’s data collection. Arri’s Signature Primes saw the launch of the brand’s LDS-2 system, serving to embed crucial data into original camera negatives. It’s a fundamental step for

sensors, but has remained a more expert process until now. On top of aperture and focus, the lenses feature a third ring which controls incremental detuning of the glass. Characterful flaws can be creatively applied to shots made just moments apart – or even within a single take. On the contrary, the second set of T.One lenses are all about providing optical quality where other glass brands may falter – namely, at extreme apertures. Arri Rental lists this new line-up as ‘a T1 stop you’ll actually use’, promising the gorgeous bokeh and low-light practical benefits you would have expected, with no additional flaws compared to its slower, stopped- down speeds.

CATCH THE SUN The award-winning Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance (above) offers characterful lens flares

“A third ring controls incremental detuning. Characterful flaws can be creatively applied to shots made just moments apart”

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