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SUPER SMOOTH The event was directed by Emmy-winning director Mark Ritchie, who was instrumental in choosing the Shogun CONNECT (left) for this Camera to Cloud workflow

We’re looking forward to incorporating Shoguns in all our future live events.” Once a Shogun CONNECT is paired with a project via ATOMOS Cloud Studio, clients can enjoy a complete end- to-end experience. Every recorded clip is available to view directly in the software, or for editing in integrations with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve. Combining ATOMOS connected devices with lets any production deploy a cloud-based workflow that saves time and money.

“The CONNECT line closes the gap between production and post, enabling huge time efficiencies by recording directly to the cloud or streaming live,” adds Paul Scurrell, SVP of product, ATOMOS. “This project is an example of how high-quality content can be quickly and efficiently produced and shared, thanks to ATOMOS Shogun CONNECT.”

53. JANUARY 2023

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