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Then there are the Profoto B10 and B10 Plus. These battery-powered flashlights offer impressive outputs – 250Ws and 500Ws, respectively – in amazingly compact body forms, comparable in size to a fast aperture camera zoom lens. Their rechargeable Li-ion batteries provide great shooting capacity and both units are fully compatible with Profoto’s collection of light-shaping tools. Their size, feature set and flexibility has transformed how photographers work on location and when time’s at a premium. Profoto products are designed to be easy and fast, allowing the photographer to concentrate on getting the perfect shot. The inspiration behind the Profoto Academy is not just to help Profoto owners get the most from their kit, but also to educate and inspire aspiring photographers of all brand loyalties to appreciate how to use and shape light for the ultimate result. Put simply, the academy aims to help you become a

PROFOTO IS Aworld leader in studio lighting, with an innovative product portfolio that’s second to none. It’s one of the reasons why Profoto kit is the first choice among discerning photography enthusiasts and professional image creators. For evidence of Profoto’s innovation, you need look no further than the A-Series flash system, which redefined portable lighting. The latest arrival is the A10, which, like its predecessors, features integrated Air TTL, is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and accepts magnetic-fitting dedicated lighting shaping tools. The A10 has also gained Profoto AirX, which enables connection to your smartphone. The potential of the A-Series has beenmassively expanded by the launch of the OCF Adapter. This innovative device enables the whole Profoto range of OCF light-shaping tools to be used, so there’s now no limit to your creativity with the world’s smallest studio lights.

ABOVE Profoto ambassador, Hannah Couzens

ABOVE Location shooting with studio-quality lighting has been made super easy and quick with Profoto lighting kit

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