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ABOVE Let the Profoto Academy help you create great pictures out of quite ordinary, real-life situations. Here, Profoto ambassador Hannah Couzens is in action

ABOVE The Profoto B10 flash is not much bigger than a telezoom lens, so it’s very portable ABOVE RIGHT The new OCF Adapter means Profoto modifiers can be used with A-Series lights

“The ProfotoAcademy aims tohelp youbecome a better photographer through the use and control of light”

Creator. However, if you score under 60, take on board the feedback you receive and try again. There is an extensive collection of courses and series on the Profoto Academy, some subject-led (such as Fashion Lighting or Family Portraits), while others are technique-focused, such as How toMix FlashWith Ambient Light or How to Light a Background. There are plenty of inspirational options to consider. From Blur to Bokeh is a series on creative fashion lighting, while Shape Light in Colour is all about how to use filter gels to get stunning results. Visit the Profoto website and hit the ‘Academy’ tab to learnmore about the teachers featured in the academy videos and which subjects are covered. There is a detailed description about each video course or series, so you can see the level of expertise they are aimed at and what equipment is featured. Finally, it’s worthmentioning that the Profoto Academy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you’re not completely happy with it, your money will be refunded in full up to 14 days after purchase.

better photographer through the use and control of light. Profoto Academy offers online videos lasting up to an hour, focusing on four subject areas: weddings, fashion, portrait and light shaping. They are presented by Profoto teachers, who are expert imaging professionals, world-renowned in their respective fields. The images featured here are from videos featuring leading UK photographer, Hannah Couzens. When you sign up for the Profoto Academy, inmost cases you enrol on a course: a series of three or four structured videos featuring the same photographer. Every video is self- contained andmade to the highest production values, featuring real-life shoots with advice offered in a simple, readily digestible, step-by-step format.

After each video course, you can download a PDF guide to keep and refer to when you start applying your new-found skills. When you have completed all the courses in the series, there’s a set photo challenge for you to put into practice what you’ve learnt over the series. You have complete freedom in the setting up of your assignment, so you choose the subject and location, and all you have to do is apply what you have learnt over the series in your own unique style. Later, you can upload a finished image and get your work assessed and reviewed by the experts at Profoto. Within two weeks, you will receive a detailed review of your work, plus a score out of 100. If you score 60 or more, you become a Certified Image

If you need to know more about Profoto’s lighting products or the academy, please visit the website. For any queries, you can contact the UK Profoto team via email at Profoto equipment is available to purchase online from certified dealers’ websites. To find an authorised dealer, visit: For the Profoto Academy, visit: PROFOTO

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