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“ PN has highlighted reports from several clubs about the success they’ve had with online meetings. We were excited by the potential Zoom could open for us,” says Francis Annett, the group’s chair. “But we knew that,

to be a success, our members needed to be totally on board, so we devised a plan, first to gauge how much members knew about these communication platforms and, secondly, to see how we could help all our members – regardless of skill level – to feel comfortable with virtual meetings.” The club used an online tutorial to provide members with the basic skills to join their first Zoom meeting and this was followed up with one-on-one sessions. The aim was to encourage full involvement from all members. Francis elaborates: “However, we didn’t anticipate a whole new world of presentations from places we could never previously have considered. Our speakers have come fromMichigan, Northern Ireland, Dartmoor, Chester, Wales, and Wakefield, not to mention the great evenings we’ve had with more local speakers.”

Competitions have continued, and the club made the decision not to close over the summer. Instead, there were e-salons, socially distanced outdoor photo shoots and a full close season programme of Zoom presentations. “Members stepped up, applying their creative minds and technical skills to ensure events ran smoothly and saw active participation,” says Francis. For 2021, following members’ suggestions, the club is adding a social evening that initially follows a theme before offering an open- mic opportunity for members to have a discussion. “All in all, we have been stimulated by the difficult and painful events of 2020 into developing new approaches that have enriched our experience and encouraged new members to join Gallery PG,” Francis concludes.

third national lockdown, it’s great to hear how clubs and societies have coped with the pandemic. Middlesbrough-based Gallery Photogroup is one club trying to make the best of lockdown.

Yateley CC is delighted to announce the launch of its virtual exhibition that runs until 31 January 2021. The show is set in a 3D museum space, allowing visitors to explore more than 300 images, covering a huge range of styles and subjects at their own pace – or by taking the guided tour option, you may select Enter Exhibition or Virtual Tour when you arrive. There is an opportunity to vote for a favourite photograph, purchase images and leave comments. Visitors can also find a small supplementary gallery that showcases the efforts of the Wells for Uganda charity, which Yateley CC supports. For those who wish to donate to WFU, there is a Just Giving link over at the gallery or directly below. Access themain exhibition at: TheWells for Uganda display at: WFU Just Giving:


Thanet PS

Like most clubs, Heswall PS has embraced new technology to thrive in the current situation. The club now enjoys twice weekly Zoom meetings, online lectures and talks and continues to host digital competitions. “We have noticed unexpected benefits in our new format,” explains Dave Newby, the club’s equipment officer. “Online meetings have enabled us to offer lots of ‘how to’ advice, tailored to the specific requests from our Heswall PS

Jim and Margaret Welsh, the president and general secretary of the Northern Counties PS respectively, joined Tynemouth PS last December to give a special award to Howard Wilson APAGB. Jim presented Howard with the NCPF Meritorious Service Award and added his

Tynemouth PS as well as the NCPF. Howard was absolutely delighted and honoured to receive the award, which has only been presented on ten previous occasions. He remarked: “I’ve been caught completely on the hop – I didn’t know anything about it. What an honour this is, not just for me but for the club, too. I just can’t believe I’m on the Roll of Honour alongside the names of the people who are already on it.”

newer members. We can also access virtual speakers from far and wide, meaning we are never constrained by our location. Our club and Facebook membership continues to grow and we welcome anyone thinking of joining us,” Dave says.

Tynemouth PS congratulates Howard on this prestigious award and thanks him for more than 50 years of dedicated service to Tynemouth PS.

name to the NCPF Roll of Honour. Jim explained that this

Thanet offered a strong virtual programme in 2020 and this is due to continue this year as the club continues to adapt given the circumstances. “We’ve planned an online programme until June, with competitions and excellent speakers to look forward to,” says club secretary, Rod Giddins. “The joy of photography is that it can be done anywhere, so we are encouraging members to take images from their own homes and gardens or to continue to safely explore their local area.” The club is blessed with a wonderful coastline and historic towns and villages locally, meaning great images are never far away. Rod adds: “We are a club with broad interests and always welcome new members, whether experienced or novice, to share their passion for photography.” The membership fee has been held at the previous year’s rate of £35. Non-members can attend virtual meetings for £5 per session.

special award was made in recognition of over 50 years outstanding service Howard has given to

Dave Coates ARPS has been honoured with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain’s highest award, the JS Lancaster Medal. “One of the most satisfying duties for the PAGB president is that of bestowing awards upon deserving individuals,” says Howard Northallerton CC

for service to photography. It is something to be proud of and be very grateful to receive,” comments Dave, clearly a delighted recipient of this rare honour. Northallerton CC joins with the

Tate ARPS, PAGB president. “It gives me great pleasure to bestow the JS Lancaster medal and the Meritorious Service Award of Hon PAGB to Dave Coates, PAGB FIAP liaison Officer. Congratulations, Dave.” “This is the highest award that PAGB can make to anyone

PAGB to congratulate Dave. northallertoncameraclub.

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