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Gitzo’s Mountaineer tripod range has been redesigned – and it’s eXactly what you need

Stability, usability and versatility. Those are the qualities you want in a tripod, so you know not only that you’ll get sharp images in any situation, but also that you can set up the shot quickly and comfortably while positioning your camera precisely from any height to achieve your creative vision. And those are the qualities that Gitzo has focused on in developing its latest all-purpose carbon fibre Mountaineer tripods. The Mountaineer is Gitzo’s original model, and was the first tripod to use carbon fibre legs. Twenty years after its first appearance, it’s no surprise that the Mountaineer is still leading the way, and the updated range includes the latest technology to meet the needs of the most exacting photographers. The evolution starts with what made the Mountaineer stand out from the crowd in the first place – the carbon fibre. The new range improves on the previous Carbon 6X models with the introduction of Carbon eXact. This optimises the composition of the material for each tube size, with high modulus carbon fibre reinforcing the narrower tubes – this makes the legs stiffer

without needing to use more material, so there’s no disadvantage when it comes to weight. The tube dimensions have been optimised for stability too, and the lower leg sections have larger diameters. The result is a tripod that’s stiffer and stronger than ever, but still extremely portable. Gitzo has also redesigned its signature G-lock leg lock system for the new Mountaineer tripods, which feature G-lock Ultra. This offers smoother, softer operation for greater comfort, while also maximising tripod performance and reliability. The mechanism is fine-tuned to match the smaller differences in tube diameter between Carbon eXact leg sections, contributing to extra stiffness of the legs, and the design reduces the chance of debris entering the tubes and locking mechanism so you know they won’t seize up at the vital moment. Getting your camera close to the ground has never been easier or quicker than with the new Mountaineer range either. With the new Ground Level Set system, simply unscrewing the ring below the centre column’s upper disc frees the column so it can be removed without having

IMAGES With new carbon fibre legs and improved locks, the Mountaineer looks set for another 20 years at least.

The evolution startswithwhat made theMountaineer stand out fromthe crowd in the first place – carbon fibre to disassemble anything else, leaving the upper disc and head firmly in place. Once the column’s removed, you can sit the tripod with the legs in their horizontal position so the camera can get as low as 14cm from the ground. New leg angle selectors that are easier to get hold of and disengage make for comfortable adjustments to the leg angles too. The newMountaineer tripod range includes ten different leg sets, with prices starting at £479.95. Three- and four-section models are available in sizes that range from the smallest Series 0 models, which weigh as little as 1.07kg and fold to just 53cm, up to the biggest Series 3 tripods with a maximum height of 178cm and top payload of 21kg. No matter what kit you have or how you want to use it, there’s a Mountaineer for you.

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