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H D B V C W V A H N Y J Z O H Q U D P I R G P J D T O J E I T B B A R R X S D C U P I I P R G E I E N H X T O E Y H R V G J W U W O R H G A S L O S Y N C J G H T E D I V G Q B M D E G A S L S O T H T N W H E S B R O T H N V S V R S N O O T O X B A K N I H N Q S N T L E D A L B Q N V E S O P R I N T E R C Y I W D R T H G I R B C E N L W W S Z J A H O C I O Z P P U V K V M E J G B X P V L T C B Of the 20 words in the list below, only 19 appear in the wordsearch. To enter the prize draw, simply complete the puzzle, find the missing word and email with that word in the subject line. Winners will be picked at random from all correct entries received before the closing date of 18 May 2014. Win Samsung 32GB Pro SDHC memory cards! Three lucky winners will each receive a Samsung 32GB Pro SDHC card. Samsung’s SDHC cards provide ultimate levels of durability and are waterproof, shockproof, resistant to magnetic fields, X-rays and extreme temperatures. All Samsung Pro SD cards come with a ten-year warranty. Win Samsungmemory cards π To find out more, go to

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