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The Nissin 140 is a compact flashgun that also incorporates a video light. The unit weighs in at just 230g, takes four AA cells and costs £204. It has a zoom head covering lenses from 24mm to 105mm with an integral diffuser giving 16mm lens coverage, while the LED video light has nine output levels. It also offers high-speed sync, wireless TTL and has a tilt/swing head. It is available for Canon and Nikon to start, with models for Sony Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm to come. Nissin flash& video light


The Nest Explorer range has grown with two lightweight top loading bags, the EX5 and EX10 costing £30 and £35 respectively, and two compact shoulder bags designed for CSCs and DSLRs, the EX25 and EX50, priced at £40 and £45. There is a range of Nest of bags The new series of Marumi Exus UV filters will stop excessive blueness spoiling your images and is perfect for protecting the front of your lens. The anti-foul coating helps resist finger marks and dust as well as

making cleaning easier. Sizes from 49mm to 82mm are available with prices between £58.32 and £138.

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NEWS INBRIEF FAST SCANNER Reflecta has introduced a high-speed 35mm film scanner. The x8-Scan costs £59 and has an optical resolution of 1800ppi. Each 35mm WINNERS Manfrotto products have won six Red Dot Product Awards. The Red Dot Design competition has been going for 60 years and its awards are internationally recognised. Among Manfrotto’s winners are the 190 aluminium tripod, the Befree travel tripod and the new X-PRO three-way head. frame takes two seconds to scan. MANFROTTO

colours available, black, blue, green and orange. Order any Nest bag from the website before 30 April and save 30%. . π To find out more, go to www.nest-

Go Camowith Benro Benro’s latest photo rucksacks have a camouflage finish so they’re the perfect companion for the bird and wildlife photographer. Two sizes are on offer, the Falcon 400 and Falcon 800, costing £169 and £180 respectively. The roomy 400 will happily take a DSLR fitted with a 400mm lens, and both bags are made from water-repellent materials.

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