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Whatever your motivation for framing photography, the aim is to make the work in the frame look as good as it possibly can. I’ll admit that sometimes that will mean close-framing, just putting a rim and glass around a picture, but more often it involves giving the picture some space. Mounting is that space. But mounting alone is not always the answer, there are many new ideas, products and techniques that can really transform your black and white photography. It is this exciting pool of possibilities that gave us at the UK

School of Framing the inspiration to start exploring with photographers how to build a really interesting portfolio of styles and techniques, in reality the choice of material and products was huge and input from students really pushed the boundaries giving us even more material to work with. From those early exploratory days we have produced a number of special project sheets and seminars looking at how to give that million dollar look to photography. The project sheets entitled six of the best can be viewed on our website along with 100’s of other tips, hints and projects. Teaching people to design plan and organise making their own picture frames and mounts is our goal at the UK School of Framing if you are looking to get started why not contact us we hold courses throughout the UK and visit clubs for special one off seminars. The UK School of Framing specialize in home setup programs at hobbyist and professional levels which mean you will learn to use simple tools to get excellent results.

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“Do you want a comprehensive course to learn how to control your camera? A course you can take at a time and pace that suits you? have launched their new online course “Master Your DSLR” this month. Written by a professional photographer this rich

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