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Tailoredworkshops for camera clubs ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and envisage your ideal photography workshop. There you are in a stunning location, with people you already know and who are working at a similar skill level to you. You’ve had the opportunity to plan your workshop in detail before you arrive, to talk about what kind of location you want to use and what kind of skills you want to develop. You can choose a beginners workshop and simply learn to do the basics well – until they become second nature.

Or you can choose a more advanced skill set such as multiple exposures, intentional camera movement, high key imagery, or slow shutter speed panning. You’ve can also choose how much ‘in the field’ and how much post processing you want to do, and whether that’s ‘straight’ processing or HDR. Cheryl Hamer Photography will work with you to create exactly this opportunity. Courses run in Anglesey and Snowdonia which provide such a varied landscape that you can choose any kind of experience you want and practice any set of skills. Working in this kind of way the world of photography is your oyster! Join me now and really move your photography on to the next level. Book as a group of 8 people (or several groups of 8 if you have members working at different skill levels) and you will attract a big discount – see the advert attached. Take a look at or like my facebook page http://on.fb. me/1kxt7Fo to see my work, and ring me on 07837 014534 to discuss your tailored requirements and make a group booking.

Photography News | Issue 7

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