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JUST GO WITH IT Win a Polaroid Go camera, where portability meets creativity

longer than the human arm, there is a self-timer. Holding the flash button for two seconds sets the timer and gives ten seconds to get set before the shot. Double exposure maximises creative potential, as you can take two photographs and overlay them in one image. The Go comes with shutter speed of 1/250-1sec, aperture of f/12 and f/52, and focal length of 51.1mm. A USB charging cable, wrist strap, quick-start guide and safety booklet accompany the camera in its box. The Polaroid Go is a miniature marvel – and we’re giving away a cool white version as part of our 100th issue competition

POLAROID, A WELL-RESPECTED name in film cameras, has widened its reach with the Polaroid Go white. In a brand-new format, it is the bite-size sibling of the i-Type. Portability is impressive, measuring

no bigger than an apple. Fit in a pocket, wear around your neck or hold in hand. This pocket rocket requires film to match. Loading it is simple – just align the yellow arrows and slot into place. A built-in film shield protects from light exposure when ejecting from the camera. Unlike the 1980s, don’t shake your Polaroid when freshly printed. According to experts, it’s best to wait 15 minutes for development. Like disposable cameras, the Go tells you how many shots you have remaining on an LED screen. Prepare to ‘vogue’ with selfie mode. The viewfinder doubles up as a handy mirror, so you can fix your hair before the shutter goes off! For selfies requiring distance

WORTH £109

SPECS ›  Shutter speed 1/250-1sec ›  Aperture f/12 and f/52 ›  Focal length 51.1mm ›  Field of view Diagonal 65.1°, horizontal 48.1°, vertical 49.1° ›  Battery High-performance lithium-ion battery. 750mAh, 3.7v, 2.7Wh, rechargeable via USB, 15-pack battery life

spectacular. Go to page 43 now and find out how you can enter.



CARTRIDGE-FREE! Win the talented EcoTank ET-2850 and enjoy low-cost printing

WORTH £269

forms the operation centre, with straightforward interface. Experience automatic double-sided printing, borderless photo printing and speeds of up to 10.5 pages per minute. This impressive machine lets you glide through tasks easily. We’re all aware of our impact on the planet, and printing is no exception. Economical in nature, the EcoTank ET-2850 cuts costs by up to 90%! There is no need to buy cartridges in bulk, as a single set of ink delivers up to 7500 pages in black and 6000 in colour: equivalent to 72 cartridges. Micro Piezo technology lowers energy consumption, reducing the need for replacement parts. With an eye on the future, the EcoTank features modern

AT THE HEART of the digital age, it seems everything is online, but printers remain crucial. Important documents like insurance policies,

boarding passes and photographs all need physical copies. Not only does this provide assurance, but it’s the only way to ensure they stay as intended, without modification. Epson understands this, making certain you get the most out of a printer. Enter the EcoTank ET-2850. Epson has revolutionised printing, creating cartridge-free technology. The EcoTank has ultra high-capacity ink tanks, making the refill process pristine. High-yield ink bottles and integrated ink tanks are expertly made for ease of filling. Key- lock bottles are designed so only the correct colour can be inserted, to avoid cross-contamination. Packed with features, the ET-2850 is super user-friendly. A 3.7cm colour LCD screen

Within the app are a range of artistic templates, to let creativity flow. Epson’s EcoTank ET-2850 is an innovative way to print, cartridge- free. If you’re keen to see just how it works, we’re offering one up as part of our 100th issue giveaway. See page 43 for all the details.

SPECS ›  Ink technology Pigment black and dye colour inks ›  Printing resolution 5760x1440 dpi ›  Energy use 12W (standard use) ›  Dimensions (wxhxd) 375x187x347mm

flexibility. Compact design makes it unobtrusive, while full Wi-Fi connectivity seamlessly integrates the printer with your existing set-up. Print from mobile, tablet or laptop from anywhere in your home. Epson’s Smart Panel app forms the last piece of the puzzle, enabling complete control from any smart device. From here, you can print, copy and scan documents and photos, while set-up, monitoring and troubleshooting are simple.

›  Weight 5.4kg ›  Mobile/cloud

Apple AirPrint, Epson Smart Panel app, Epson Connect


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