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WHERE PORTABILITY MEETS PERFORMANCE Get immersive audio with the MKE 400 from Sennheiser. Its shotgun design and impressive technology combine to eliminate background noise for the most precise sound recording – especially speech

WORTH £179

SPECS ›  Dimensions 126x67x37mm ›  Frequency response 50-20,000Hz ›  Maximum sound pressure level 132dB SPL ›  Weight 93.5g ›  Microphone connector 3.5mm jack, screwable ›  Operating time >100h ›  Power supply Battery (2x AAA/LR03 size, 1.5v) ›  Headphone connector 3.5mm jack ›  Output power 105mW (headphone impedance 16Ω) AS A FILMMAKER, it can be tricky to find a microphone that records audio at the same high quality as your video. Overcoming obstacles like distortion, background noise and wind disruption is a challenge for any manufacturer. Sennheiser has found the answer, culminating in the release of the MKE 400. A unique miniature shotgun design, the MKE 400 delivers more reach and isolation for recordings – that’s excellent for dialogue capture. This highly directional mic features a supercardioid polar pattern, achieved via an acoustic interference tube; focus and detail are provided, while eliminating any unwanted background noise. Bringing clarity to recordings, it enhances in-camera audio to match video. Handling noise also plagues videographers, due to the nature

CRISP & CLEAR One of the MKE 400's superpowers is recording crystal-clear speech

of handheld cameras. Building on the previous MKE 200, the MKE 400 features integrated wind protection and shock absorption – a handy combination, ensuring the cleanest audio recordings possible while shooting on the move. An internal suspension mount reduces disruption further. For maximum wind protection, attach the furry windshield (included) and film outdoors to your heart’s content.

Shooting on the go comes with its own set of unavoidable challenges. On location or travelling, you will encounter poor acoustic environments – for this, the MKE 400 comes equipped with both a low-cut filter and three-step gain sensitivity switch. Integrated to fine-tune your sound, these provide added flexibility and control anywhere, removing problematic low-frequency clamour – like the hum from an air conditioner or light gusts of wind when outside. The sensitivity switch is important because you may need to adjust gain, depending on the situation or type of camera you’re using. Connectivity is a vital part of video recording, which is why the

MKE 400 includes 3.5mm TRS and TRRS locking cables. These can be used

with DSLR/mirrorless cameras or mobile devices to ensure your microphone isn’t confined to a single appliance. Monitor audio directly from the mic and make certain you’re getting the best take. The MKE 400 powers on/off when connected up to a camera. It is absolutely vital to check audio levels and monitor sound before recording, while microphone placement is everything. For the MKE 400, the sweet spot for subject distance to the mic is between 1-2m. Overall, this is an exceptional

choice for premium audio and well worth the investment. As part of the special giveaway for our 100th edition, there's an exclusive opportunity to win an MKE 400 for yourself. Just check out page 43 and follow the simple instructions – good luck.

“The MKE 400 delivers more reach and isolation for recordings – that’s excellent for dialogue capture”


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