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DOUBLING UP The Kase Double Graduated filter saves you money, while also creating the freedom for more artistic expression – here’s why

that they’re easy to clean, while guaranteeing a neutral, flare and ghosting-free performance. Don’t worry if you are already committed to another 150x100mm system, as Kase has made these Double Grad filters industry-standard 2mm thick, so they can be used in non-Kase filter holders. This filter begs a rather poignant question. How can a toned area at each end perform so that it doesn’t affect both poles of the image? Much will depend on where you position the filter, as well as the focal length of the lens. Having previously put the Double Grad to the test in Photography News with a

LENS FILTERS ARE often overlooked in photography, but provide a cost-effective way of reinvigorating your art. There’s no better example than Kase Double Graduated filters. A graduated filter is half clear and SPECS ›  Size 100x150mm ›  Thickness 2mm ›  Glass Kase Wolverine – Schott B 270 toughened glass ›  Coating Kase nano coating

half toned, with an area of transition – soft, medium or hard, usually ending up in the filter’s top half. Let’s say you’re using a traditional filter to tone down the sky of a landscape. You’ll find a significant acreage of unused clear filter. However, the Kase Double Grad adds an extra toned area, giving it a dual purpose, even performing with ultra-wide lenses. Money, time and bulk can all be saved! The ultimate in manoeuvrability, Kase uses Wolverine toughened Schott B 270 optical glass. Resistant to scratches, water and dust, a metallic nano coating prolongs filter lifespan. This also means

a set of Kase Double Graduated 100mm filters – and revitalise your image making. Make your way over to page 43 and find out how to enter. It’s incredibly easy.

selection of wide optics, including on the Fujifilm GF23mm f/4 lens, it performs exceptionally well. There are two variations of these filters. The Double Grad 1 has a 3EV hard ND at one end and a 3EV soft ND at the other; while the Double Grad 2 features a 3EV medium ND and 3EV reverse ND. It goes without saying that these perform to Kase’s incredibly high standards. As part of our special 100th issue, we’re giving you the chance to win


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