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SEEING IS BELIEVING Don’t let an uncalibrated monitor ruin your artistic vision. Datacolor’s SpyderX Pro is here to give the most accurate representation of your original shot – and it’s dead easy to use for pro results

ONE OF THE most challenging aspects of modern photography is the digital process. Editing, printing and sharing to social channels are now part of the workflow, as you rush to upload that perfect shot. But if you are using an uncalibrated monitor, colours may be different from what you expect. Datacolor understands this, working tirelessly to guarantee high quality: enter the SpyderX monitor calibration tool. SpyderX achieves the very best representation of images through superior colorimeter design, which is essentially a more accurate way of measuring colour. Developed after years of research – and with advanced light sensitivity and sensors – this groundbreaking technology guarantees precision. Creating with just a single monitor is a thing of the past. Many image makers now enjoy the extra space to work with a second screen, since it helps with organisation. Multi-display set-ups are the norm, and SpyderX facilitates the calibration of multiple laptops and desktop monitors for streamlining workflow. It also supports the latest technologies, and a new lens-based SPECS ›  Calibration Single-click & wizard capability ›  Multiple display Supports multi-monitor calibration ›  Light Ambient light monitoring & profile switching ›  Review Pre- and post-calibration comparison ›  Tools Display mapping & analysis ›  Adjustment 12 calibration options

WORTH £159

COLOUR IT RIGHT Regular calibration of your monitor will ensure pictures look colour-correct when viewed on other screens

capability provides a higher level of accuracy, meticulous screen colour, shadow detail and white-balance. Want to see the difference between pre- and post-calibration? Datacolor answers this intriguing question with SpyderProof. One click lets you compare on-screen before and after optimisation; witness the subtle changes that make the most difference. Try it with a Datacolor composite image or go straight in with your own. Light is such a vital component of photography. So, the SpyderX Pro features a fully integrated ambient sensor, to track the light in your room through the day. It adjusts

display brightness and contrast to optimum levels for conditions. It’s pretty neat, especially considering the software can warn you it needs recalibrating, or do it automatically with custom profiles. Five levels of ambient light adjustment are found on the SpyderX Pro. If you are a photographer looking to improve the colour quality of your prints, the SpyderX is for you. It integrates seamlessly post-shoot, with minimal set-up before starting. What more could you need? This is the 100th issue of PN . As a celebration, we are partnering with Datacolor to offer the opportunity to win a free SpyderX. To be in with a chance of visualising your images in the highest quality, just go to page 43 and enter now!

“The SpyderX Pro features a fully integrated ambient sensor, to track the light in your room”


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