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READY AND WAITING The new CVP Fitzrovia showroom is the place to go for equipment, advice, or even just to kill a spare hour. It’s stocked to the gills with all the latest gear, ready for perusal

Multi-purpose place CVP’s doors are now open to everybody, whether they are London-based or are travelling from afar. “It’s quite an easy place to get to,” explains Simpson, noting the showroom’s close proximity to both London Euston and King’s Cross railway stations, and the fact it’s walking distance from a range of London Underground stops. During its grand opening alone, CVP welcomed guests from Liverpool, Malta and the United States. It’s also an accessible building, as it lacks the precarious staircases often found in old London townhouses.

get early access to gear before it becomes widespread, but they can also bag deals on ex-showroom equipment.

what’s coming up and see the current event line-up. Activities on offer include introductions to cinematography and documentary filmmaking, workshops for Steadicams and lens metadata, plus hands-on demos of products like the ARRI Hi-5 hand unit and Angénieux’s multi-format lens solution. Additionally, CVP intends to put on virtual production workshops with the showroom’s new LED volume. “The plan is to have at least two or three workshops running out of here, per week,” assures Simpson. “There will always be something going on.”

The main event CVP Fitzrovia promises to deliver training, skill-focused workshops and technical demonstrations. “It’s an open showroom we can use every day, without having to dismantle. We’ll be able to do events and workshops and things relevant within the industry,” asserts Simpson. Visit or sign up to to keep up to date with



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