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THE PLAN IS TO HAVE AT LEAST two or three workshops RUNNING OUT OF HERE PER WEEK” For locals, CVP’s central London address makes it ideal for filmmakers wanting to invest time in checking out equipment and being inspired by some of the many experiences slated to occur within the space. There’s an enclosed meeting area which is less distracting than the office or a coffee shop, but more laid back than a library. “We have extra desks for manufacturers and have even had interest from people who just don’t want to work from home,” says Simpson. With an appointment or booking secured, this is a great place to convene. Customers can also come to CVP to ask questions, arrange repairs and collect orders, putting a face to its well- known name. With an office in the back and a reception desk by the door, there’s always a CVP representative on-hand. And being just a few blocks away from the CVP | ARRI Creative Space, customers can experience both spaces within a few minutes’ walk – another perk of CVP Fitzrovia’s locational convenience. Outside the box CVP might be best-known among filmmakers, but it certainly isn’t confined to any one area of video production. “We’ve been pigeonholed as a little bit cine, and there’s a reason for that – we’ve kind of put ourselves in that place,” explains Jon Fry, managing director. “We appeal to that market.” For commercial projects, music videos, live streams and other productions, CVP offers sound mixers, switchers,

THE PLACE TO BE Managing director Jon Fry is keen for the new showroom to be a community hub for learning and discussion – as well as finding equipment

teleprompters, PTZ and POV cameras, among an extensive number of other accessories. “We’re brand agnostic – we sell everything,” says Simpson. Variety, accessibility, sustainability: these are some of the many words attributable to CVP. More than simply buying and selling, “we deliver beyond boxes,” remarks Fry. “We actually invest an enormous amount in the service and the value.” CVP Fitzrovia invites customers to start a conversation. “We’re not just telling people what we think they want to hear. We’re asking them – what’s relevant?” admits Fry. “We’re keen, and we’ve got a little bit to learn here. Come talk to us.”

CVP is home to a full spectrum of production equipment that’s ready to see, combine and evaluate. Its creative and technical staff are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To arrange an online demo, or book a one-to-one consultation, call 0208 380 7400 or visit Build your perfect kit with CVP



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