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Having celebrated its grand opening, CVP Fitzrovia is perfectly positioned to become a prime destination for creative professionals Open invitation

C VP is entering its next era, with a showroom to prove it. Based in London’s Fitzrovia, the space holds the latest, greatest gear to let production pros get their hands on equipment before committing. But CVP Fitzrovia is more than shelves and display cases – it’s for collaboration, education and community engagement. CVP Fitzrovia represents a significant upgrade from the former showroom, and its design and layout was shaped by the requirement to install a virtual production showcase. Speaking about this, sales director Darren Simpson explains:

“Our previous showroom was a lovely, charming space, but we realised it lacked the flexibility we needed as we expanded. We dedicated considerable effort to finding a location that could better suit our requirements.” First and foremost, CVP Fitzrovia contains a curated selection of products, from cameras and lenses to lighting rigs and dollies. “We designed it as a destination for DOPs, focus pullers, anyone in the industry really – a space where you can touch and feel things, rather than going on the website,” he adds. “People can arrange to come in

and build their own camera kits, or might want to test different lenses.” Similarly, patrons can compare products. “People want to see why they should spend X amount of money more for this brand over that, or this model over that model,” suggests Simpson. By enabling customers to try a range of solutions in one place, CVP simplifies the purchasing process, which can otherwise be arduous and research-heavy. CVP stays up to date by carrying the latest releases, like the RED KOMODO-X, Panasonic Lumix S5IIX, ARRI ALEXA 35 and Sony BURANO. Not only can customers



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