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IP LIVE PRODUCTIONS UPDATES At the latest Joint Task Force on Networked Media event, Sony confirmed that its IP Live Production ecosystem conforms to the latest SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA NMOS standards, enabling customers to build future-focused systems using IP technology. Sony also announced that the NXLK-IP50Y/IP51Y follow SMPTE ST2110 standards, capable of video signal conversions of HD, 4K, SDI and IP. Compatible with ST 2110-20/30/40 streaming formats and offering low- latency signal conversion, it is useful for integration in IP Live Production environments. CLOUD UPDATES Designed to bring systems and redundant file transfers to a unified platform, Sony Ci updates include the launch of Ci Catalog. This will streamline asset management for large media projects. Sony is also launching a hybrid asset management solution, which will allow customers to manage content in any facility or in the cloud. Media Analytics Portal is a new Sony cloud-based solution that supports content creators with diverse AI analytics models and services, including object recognition and speech-to-text through a single web-based portal. It also integrates with Ci Media Cloud Services, XDCAM air and Media Backbone NavigatorX. The portal can be used for sports content management or programme production, enhancing workflows by augmenting metadata and automating media processes for greater efficiency and productivity. INTEGRATING AI INTO MEDIA WORKFLOWS

The latest versions of OverDrive (v19.3) and Caprica (v6.3) by Ross

Video are now available. OverDrive is Ross Video’s automated production control (APC) system, while Caprica adds the ability to control third-party

using any primary switcher resources. Bus-based custom controls have also been added with the aim of simplifying the triggering of devices without complicated logic or user intervention. A new live preview feature will let operators view live video streams in the user interface and interact with sources. Both new versions of OverDrive and Caprica bring other small improvements that will make a big difference to customers in terms of their day-to- day work, including a customisable Rundown Control interface, dynamically updating on-air CG timing and a new default icon set.

production switchers. It gives non-Ross production switcher

customers the ability to automate control rooms using OverDrive. The updates include a new audio lock feature, enabling operators to lock or unlock specific audio channels so that automation events are overridden. It’s hoped the feature will be useful in situations like breaking news and unexpected interview situations or for unforeseen mic issues. In addition, new virtual keyers and inputs will allow up to 32 external display devices to be controlled by a single template without

APPEAR TV appeartv.com

X PLATFORM Oslo-based Appear TV has announced a host of new video networking features on the groundbreaking X Platform. Two new modules have been launched to pair with the existing range, which will enable operators to tap more easily into the communication universe. Operators are now able to select between IP and ASI modules, both of which handle up to 2000 services. The IP module supports standards such as SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 with PTP and 40GbE interfaces. The X Platform also provides latency optimised compression, featuring TICO, JPEGG2K, AVC and HEVC at up to UHD resolution with flexible HDR

support, which caters to most applications. Since most functions are software defined, common hardware can be used and repurposed to new roles. “The X Platform provides patented lossless redundancy and quality assurance unrivalled in the industry,” said Thomas Lind, product director at Appear TV. “Our new modules, combined with the latest features, solidify the X Platform’s position as the front runner in the video compression and networking domain.”

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