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SCHEDULE AND AUTOMATE GLOBAL VIDEO DELIVERY Cloud video solutions company M2A Media has launched a console for live video owners to schedule and automate the global delivery of live feeds using AWS Elemental live video transport solutions. Called M2A Connect, the console and API offers subscription management, automated event scheduling, bulk entitlements, event-based feed transformations, and monitoring and reporting, helping to make live video distribution more flexible, efficient and economical. M2A Connect aims to allow broadcasters and sports-rights owners the ability to manage the presentation, routing and global distribution of live video sources on an event basis through public cloud infrastructure, removing human hand-off points and reducing the need for expensive and restricted routing over satellite or point-to-point networking. Through integration with AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage, M2A Connect uses M2A’s console with its web GUI and API, allowing broadcasters and rights holders subscribing to the product to manage their live source and deliver live streams across multiple regions and receivers. M2AMEDIA m2amedia.tv

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CLOUD-BASED LIVE VIDEO EDITING Video IP specialist Zixi is partnering with cloud-native editing company Vimond to offer the Vimond IO browser-based editing tool. Vimond IO is a SaaS cloud platform that offers clipping and editing for all social media channels and platforms. The Vimond IO video editor is built with the ability to monetise content quickly by enabling editing from anywhere at any time. Editors using Vimond IO can generate near real-time, frame-accurate event highlights, including adding channel-specific branding to videos with graphics elements such as animated lower-thirds, logos/bugs or text overlays and then publish them straight to social media or the customer’s asset management system.

Vimond has integrated the Zixi Software- Defined Video Platform to provide a cloud- based collaborative editing tool designed for video production and a quick turnaround of mezzanine-quality video for remote news and sporting productions. The Zixi integration provides low latency, content-aware and network adaptive error-corrected live ingest, allowing users to overcome connectivity challenges inherent in remote production. Organisations with existing Zixi distribution workflows can deliver their live content directly to the Vimond IO AWS S3 bucket via the Zixi Broadcaster. Those without can deliver Zixi streams directly to the Vimond IO service using a broadcast encoder from the Zixi Enabled Network.

WOODY TECHNOLOGIES woody-technologies.com

WOODY IN2IT GO Woody Technologies has introduced its new app, Woody in2it Go, allowing remote ingest from any device. Already available on laptops and workstations for field or remote office work, Woody in2it Go is now available for iOS and Android. It allows users to browse the content they have shot and transfer it to the cloud or an on-premises production environment, with the added benefits of including custom metadata, automated transcoding and user notifications. WOODY SOCIAL Woody has also announced a new partnership with Nunki.co to renew and

based search and creation of a list of accounts to follow.

WOODY INGEST LIVE Woody Ingest Live is another new product and is the result of a technology partnership with Libero Systems. Woody Ingest Live allows broadcasters to record SDI, NDI and web live sources straight to their production environment. It will support the recording of Skype calls and Youtube Live feeds, among multiple streaming protocols. It integrates with the leading MAM and PAM solutions, enabling editing while capturing for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro.

improve the search engine of Woody Social. Nunki.co is a French software start-up created in 2014, specialising in real-time data analysis. Woody Social will integrate the Nunki search engine to offer new features to find and check content before ingest, including saved searches, location-

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