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rapid delivery of operator OTT services (Aquila Streaming, now on Google Cloud Platform). Content will continue to be added to the Virtual Experience. This experience is the latest announcement in MediaKind’s inaugural Spring Kind programme of activities, which includes research, events and presentations. It has been designed to help inform, educate and explain how new technology innovations are helping to make media easier to deliver and more accessible to humankind. Past webinars will be made available to watch through the Experience in the MK Virtual Theater. Enter the MediaKind Virtual Experience by clicking the play button above left.

MediaKind has launched a company information portal on its website called the MediaKind Virtual Experience. The experience is a browser-friendly portal for engaging with MediaKind content, including product information, news and webinars. The MediaKind Virtual Experience invites visitors to walk through a simulated video wall tunnel and enter a futuristic virtual venue where they can learn more about the company’s offerings through a range of interactive panels. The portal includes latest announcements, demonstrations,

educational videos, presentations, webinars, whitepapers, application papers, products and solutions. Visitors can interact with MediaKind’s latest products, including its next-generation broadcast solution (Aquila Broadcast), enhanced advertising portfolio (PRISMA Core and PRISMA Edge) and its solution for

INTEGRATING 5G TVU Networks has announced that its flagship TVU One cellular mobile transmitter is now shipping with an integrated 5G modem. TVU has partnered with commercial network carriers including South Korea-based KT Corp and modem module manufacturers, such as Canada-based Sierra Wireless, in identifying 5G modems for its TVU One HEVC/H.265 1080p HDR and 4K HDR models. “We are fortunate to be working with the best partners in developing embedded 5G modems for TVU One to bring to the industry. From the beginning, our transmitters were TVU NETWORKS tvunetworks.com


PROCESSINGWITH KAIROS Panasonic has introduced Kairos, an IT/IP video processing platform. It offers an open architecture system for live video switching with complete input and output flexibility, resolution and format independence, maximum CPU/ GPU processor utilisation and unlimited ME scaleability. Kairos supports transitions to live IP workflows and can eliminate dedicated hardware constraints, as it is a native IP, ST 2110 system. This COTS-based system creates new production opportunities involving a mosaic of IT ecosystems, with multiple vendor components from several industries. For television studios, Kairos integrates into a facility’s ST 2110 infrastructure without requiring additional IP gateways. Kairos can also be implemented

in places of worship, as it handles current screen management and linear broadcast needs, while accommodating new devices or non-traditional displays. For sports and entertainment venues or event productions, staff with diverse experience and background can employ the user- friendly GUI to deliver content or set up complex systems. The GPU-based processing platform also allows users to allocate processing power with 100% efficiency to achieve performance matching a far larger scaled hardware system. Kairos processing latency can be as low as one frame and also supports PTP (Precision Time Protocol) synchronisation. Kairos starts shipping later this year. The minimum configuration is available for approx €30,000.

engineered to support 5G, and we’re excited to be able to offer full cellular broadcast transmission capabilities on 5G networks with our flagship TVU One today,” said Matt McEwen, VP of product management. TVU One, operating with 5G modems, was stress- tested under various use conditions in locations such as China and Korea.

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