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REMOTE PRODUCTION ENCODER/DECODER A decoder has been added to the Monarch EDGE 4K/ multi-HD remote production (REMI) family by Matrox.

for remote production workflows. The Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder pair aims to help production of live multi- camera events by minimising on-site expenses and keeping talent in-house. The Monarch EDGE delivers high-frame- rate (50 or 60fps), synchronised multi- camera video streams at resolutions up to 4K or quad HD, using a variety of streaming protocols, including SRT, MPEG-2 TS and RTSP, packaged in compact and low power appliances.

ICONIK iconik.io

ICONIC HUBS Stockholm-based smart media solution, Iconik, has recently launched the latest version of its architecture-based media management hub – featuring interoperability with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Iconik’s interoperability with AWS provides a fully cloud-based media management workflow from ingest to storage. Iconik keeps all of the media organised, making it easier to find the right versions, collaborate with other stakeholders and distribute to multiple platforms. Users are able to house media content within Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), while being able to access, edit and share those same assets from within Iconik. Interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaConvert allows customers to transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. API integration with Amazon Rekognition means Iconik can analyse assets and apply time- based metadata tags based on the detail within that content. Iconik also has a new versioning feature, which enables users to update the same assets concurrently while tracking update history and relevant conversations regarding the media. This allows users to streamline content editing and management by allowing them to revert to previous versions.

Featuring a low latency of 100 ms glass- to-glass, as well as flexible connectivity with 3G, 12G SDI and ST 2110 over 25 GbE network connections, the Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder delivers broadtcast-quality productions

FRAME.IO TRANSFERRING WITH THE TIMES Video review and collaboration platform, Frame.io, has launched Frame.io v3.6 along with the app Frame.io Transfer. Frame.io v3.6 offers new features designed to meet the needs of today’s remote workforce, with a focus on speed and security. The expanded toolset addresses demand for fast project downloads with the Frame.io Transfer app and adds enhanced security features including Watermark ID for Enterprise accounts. “Frame.io Transfer, smarter notifications and iOS Offline Mode, equips users with a powerful toolset we hope will make lives easier,” said Emery Wells, co-founder of Frame.io. frame.io SNAPDRAGON UPDATES Qualcomm has revealed updates to the Snapdragon 768G 5G Mobile Platform. With CPU and GPU improvement, the platform integrates 5G, on-device AI and select Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming features. Snapdragon features graphics that have over a billion shades QUALCOMM qualcomm.com/snapdragon

Frame.io Transfer is a file transfer app for Mac and Windows. Available in beta, Transfer allows users to download large files and sophisticated folder structures. It supports EDL and XML formats, so users can identify specific files, speeding up the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, colour grading and sharing assets for VFX. “Transfer was originally slated for release later this year, but as a response to the profound shift in the way we’re working, we’re releasing it in beta today,” said Wells.

of colour and has 120 Hz display support, allowing users to make more sophisticated moves in real time. The platform has updatable GPU drivers, bringing a desktop- style quality to your phone. The improved Qualcomm Kryo CPU enhances the graphics by 15%, while the 7nm process supports faster gameplay.

The on-device AI is a fifth-generation Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine, for efficient and immersive games. Updates to the AI aspect includes the Qualcomm Hexagon 696 processor, paired with the Hexagon Tensor accelerator. Also included in the update is multi-gigabit 5G gaming with download speeds of up to 3.7 Gbps.

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