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dressed up in their finest, often in amazing locations around the world. And for a film showing the day at its best, the couple will pay handsomely. Of course, that makes it all sound pretty simple. It goes without saying that you need the skills and experience to shoot fast-paced events under pressure – and the right kit, too. But you also need to set up a separate business, with a website and cool branding that reflects what you are offering. Then set prices, market yourself hard and get signed contracts in place. You’ll require proper insurance, because knocking over a vase in a stately home can be very costly. Don’t forget public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance for anyone you hire recommended list. Also, talk to wedding photographers, who are often asked about recommendations for video shooters. Wedding fairs are a great way of meeting loads of local brides already getting married. But, you’ll need a decent-looking stand and large TV, as well as some nice marketing materials (like brochures) to give away. Manywedding fair operators insist you take out expensive advertising space in their publications, so you then get priority bookings. As with all marketing, you need to try it and see what works, before committing to a big spend. Once you get established, less and less marketing will be required, thanks to more referrals and word of mouth. The easiest way to get more wedding work is for a happy couple to show all their friends the final film to see what an amazing job you’ve done. If you deliver service of lasting value, clients will become advocates. Social media is the key to getting the message out, with Instagram the most popular option nowadays for weddings. But it takes work to run social media properly. You need a website that reflects your style, is easy to navigate and offers a rough idea of prices and packages. They don’t have to be costly, since there are lots of easy-to-use templated sites that can look really polished and effective. Awebsite doesn’t guarantee anyone will find it, so the general public have to be led there. You can spend lots on Google AdWords and search engine optimisation (SEO), plus wedding listings companies and more. All work, but it may be costly, as can print advertising in wedding magazines. Many filmmakers find the most cost- effective way of marketing is to approach local venues and try to get on their WORD OF MOUTH KEY TO SUCCESS

HERE COMES THE BRIDE Modern couples often want something shot in a contemporary, cinematic style, as well as content they can share on social media. Most important of all is to capture the emotions and candid moments from the big day



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