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to help you. More insurance if you aim to use a drone, and professional indemnity insurance in case the couple don’t like what you shot and sue you for the cost of another wedding day. Yes, it does happen. You might require new accounting software to keep on top of orders, a vehicle insured for work use, backup cameras, batteries and hard drives. And the time, money and expertise to market yourself, set up meetings with couples to discuss their needs, visit venues and lots more. It’s a proper, grown-up business. It’s not just turning up in your jeans with your camera, tripod and mic. For small businesses, cash may be king, but cash flow is a killer. As a beginner wedding filmmaker, you’ll often be taking

“Youmight need new accounting software to keep on top of orders, a vehicle insured for work use, backup cameras, batteries and hard drives”

booking for weddings years in advance – which doesn’t help with the bills right now. Think about an upfront deposit, then payment in instalments. It’s vital before the day itself that you go through the details of timings and what is expected to happen. It’s a good idea to visit the ceremony and reception venue beforehand, ideally at the same time the couple are there, so you can observe

where the light will be. Talking through any filming restrictions with the vicar or reception manager means you can be mentally prepared, then scout several locations – considering where you could shoot if it rains or snows. Take lots and lots of fast cards, all preformatted and clearly marked with your name and a number. Keep them inside protective cases, on you at all times, and devise a system so you don’t reuse a card that’s already full. It’s a good idea to work with an assistant, who can take copies of your cards as soon as you remove them from the camera – just in case they fall out of your pocket or your jacket gets taken by a guest by mistake. On the day, get up in plenty of time and have a good breakfast. Take some drinks and food with you, too. Get the car fuelled up and the sat nav programmed, as you definitely don’t want to be late. And have a plan where you’re going to park! While a suit, shirt, tie and formal shoes look good, they can be sweaty and uncomfortable – choose smart, but functional clothing. Most importantly, don’t forget the safety of yourself and your kit. Thousands of pounds worth of unattended equipment at a wedding is a temptation to thieves. It should be a memorable day – just make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons!

GOLDEN HOUR It’s a good idea to visit the venue of the wedding beforehand, ideally at the same time as the couple. This means you can work out ideas for shots and get a feeling for what the light will be like on the day



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