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Couples want a focus on creativity and a cinematic look, so they can remember their big day fondly

WORDS ADAM DUCKWORTH IMAGES THE WEDDING FILMMAKERS E arning a living filming weddings is enough to frighten even the most hardened filmmaker. The pressure of the day – and the potential for

well shot in a contemporary, cinematic style. Nowadays, most are seeking a short and stylish film to share on social media. Consider it this way: there’s already an obvious story to tell – the romance of the whole wedding day, where certain key moments are guaranteed to bring out the whole gamut of emotions. From B-roll stuff of the expensive shoes and dress, documentary-style coverage with lots of candid moments and emotion, a tear-jerking ceremony in front of family, the solemnity of the vows, romantic shots of the happy couple, the fun and emotion of speeches, laughing guests, the expensive cars, the first dance, band, dancing, fireworks and more – a wedding day has the lot. All with everyone

the happy couple to make their feelings known on social media for anything less than perfection – is reason enough to stay away from shooting nuptials. If your experience of wedding films is 1980s-style videos shot by a sweaty man in a cheap grey suit with a camcorder, providing a four-hour snoozefest everyone is forced to watch afterwards, it’s enough to make anyone want to avoid the whole wedding industry. But it’s time to think again. Modern couples, brought up on high-budget TV series and films, typically want something



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