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so that one person can run an entire live production on their own – even as simple as the press of a space bar to move from one shot to another.” With over 400 systems on-air, OverDrive is undoubtedly a world- leader and pioneer in APC. CONCEPTION TO INCEPTION Crocker emphasises how, back in the days when you had 6pm and 10pm main broadcasts, legacy tools existed and worked perfectly. Today, you have multiple outputs. That might be a 6pm broadcast, rolling channel, range of social media and your website – the list could go on forever. “In a story-centric workflow, you can make modifications from a central repository, then it was about

how best to work that in with a modern environment. “By that, I mean entirely decentralised, scalable and cloud- based. Inception can be fully in the cloud or on-premises, implemented however suits you best.” Inception News is an innovative newsroom computer system and social media management tool. Crocker stresses that the engineers behind it kept user experience in mind as they built it from the ground up. “One of my customers just did an internal audit, to see how many tools their journalists were using to communicate. They discovered there were around 16 – emails, WhatsApp, Telegram – anything under the sun to talk to each other. So if someone

from the domestic news desk wanted something from sports, they not only had to find out who to message, but how best to communicate. It was a complicated mess. “Inception has collaboration built directly into it. At story level, you can converse about a piece of media, have a chat about the rundown – these conversations become integral.” Aside from the communication benefits, Inception can also publish to multiple platforms from the same user interface easily – and engage viewers in interactive polls. Most importantly, it is browser-based and therefore accessible anywhere. “It’s a very compelling system, built for newsrooms in this day and age,” Crocker concludes.


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