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Nic Dugger TNDV: Television Founder

What are some of the best ways for businesses to use video?

Creative communication and promotion are the top applications for corporate video. When a company has news of a fresh product or service, updates to their performance, or even new hires and internal promotions, it’s worthwhile to express these. The items could be shared via a social media post or press release, but a video allows the company to communicate and reinforce their brand in a fun, creative and hopefully effective manner. Because we are a live production company, any event where our team effectively communicates a message to the viewers is what we want. For us, the real successes are found with technical innovation. Unique interactivity within streaming applications, live multi-path uplink projects and live events in very unusual locations tend to be at the top of our ‘win’ lists. Give us your best corporate video success story. Which is your current favourite tool in your video creation workflow? There are so many to acknowledge that it’s hard to pick one. On the software side, the Adobe Creative Suite continues to lead the way in effective workflow between video editing, motion graphic design and still image editing manipulation. For hardware, devices that offer multiple uses have gained in popularity. No longer is it just a field monitor; it’s also a recording device and switcher. No longer is it just a video router; it can create multiple multiviewers. Even devices that switch, mix and stream content simultaneously have become commonplace. What word of warning would you give to a business hoping to expand its video offering? Oversharing can have the opposite of your intended effect when it comes to social media. Sharing too much content and wasting the audience’s precious consumption time pushes viewers to unfollow and unsubscribe. The key is making sure we have something worthwhile to share, ensuring the message is clear and concise with each post. Respect their time, and they will be loyal viewers.

This issue, we asked you to share your top tips for making customer-winning corporate video content



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