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From APCs and MAMs to computer and storage systems – Ross Video now has everything you need to build your TV network from the ground up

e’ve talked a lot about cloud in the last few months

infrastructures, providing single- and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows. “Primestream can scale incredibly well, it’s very flexible and also has tremendous integration.” Initially its own company, Primestream was acquired by Ross and brought into the fold in June last year. It brought the employee count over 1000, with CEO David Ross declaring that every Primestream team member should henceforth be known as Ross employee 1000! “Another important tool came as part of the Primestream acquisition,” Crocker says. “It was called Media I/O, which is for ingest and playout files – and an incredibly engaging tool. “Between Media I/O and Primestream, they allowed us to say we can pretty much build an entire TV station from scratch, which isn’t something anyone else truly offers.” On top of this, Primestream has the capacity to work with creative applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s available in three additions: Standard (for a single team), Production (for multiple teams) and Enterprise (for multiple teams and facilities). GOING INTO OVERDRIVE Next up to bat is Ross’ OverDrive Production Automation. Delivering operational efficiencies, while taking complexity out of the production process, OverDrive is an advanced APC system that allows clean

– and rightly so! Our summer issue delved into the highlights of NAB and the strongest trend by a landslide was, you guessed it, cloud. We also, more specifically, took a deeper dive into Ross Video’s brand-new Production Cloud offering. What did we discover? That it gives an essential layer of flexibility to the service provider’s customers. It’s important to make sure we don’t cloud out the other solutions Ross has, paying dutiful homage to the good, old-fashioned newsroom. IN ITS PRIME A popular member of the Ross family is the award-winning asset management platform, Primestream. “Primestream is a clever asset management system,” begins global business development manager, Tom Crocker. “It’s great at making sure the media you need sits where you need it to be. People buy a MAM because they want reliable access to their files, and that’s what it does very well.” Combined with the rest of Ross’ product suite, Primestream seamlessly integrates file-based workflows with signal-based

execution of top-tier broadcast, delivering substantial savings on operational costs. “This is the brain that sits in the middle of your live production workflow,” explains Crocker. “You’ve got your studio with lights, cameras, microphones, graphics, ingested video services and playout for all these tools. OverDrive knows what must happen shot-to-shot because you’ve built the program within it already. Through its integrations with hundreds of different systems, it can do the legwork for you. “If you said: we are going from shot A to shot B, this person’s mic on and this one off, this robot camera to move from here to here – that’s all labour-intensive. OverDrive makes it


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