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Reducing our carbon footprints should be the main priority, but becoming fully sustainable is going to take some bigger thinking

to sustainability. If we don’t get our fossil fuel use to its minimum – and soon – any goals for diversity in hiring or efforts to reduce plastic will be pretty much irrelevant. Sustainability has become a blanket term that covers a multitude of processes, and is so broad an umbrella, it is in danger of losing meaning. When we sit down and ask ourselves what it means to our company, it may take time to pin down the issue.. Running a sustainable business means taking the best available data about the negative impact you’re having, then committing to reduce it to its maximum. Or, to flip the concept on its head: turning the good your business does into a key measure of its profitability and success. Sustainable practices mean recognising that everything we do as people is fuelled

ew companies have brand recognition like Sony. As Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker in 2002’s Spider-Man ... let’s all say it together: “With great power comes great

responsibility.” (Although Uncle Ben was quoting Voltaire.) Sony has been working overtime to take on that responsibility, redoubling its efforts in creating a sustainable business worldwide. Obviously, there are priorities when it comes


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