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Finding solutions for customers is more than just selling them the best technology

he transition to IP-based technologies is a task that is impossible to do – or do well – without collaboration. Should we throw out all our SDI gear

infrastructure that will have to work at top efficiency for at least five years. But as they move forward, they will need to juggle capex and opex expenditures and navigate IP integrations, as services and opportunities emerge. Giving each customer bespoke consultations – not only about what they need now, but what changes they should prepare for in the years to come – can save a lot of grief later. The use of cloud environments can complement an on-premises system with improvements in resilience, scalability, longevity and the flexibility to mix and match upfront capital spend with opex costs. This becomes particularly valuable when you need to launch temporary or seasonal channels, such as sporting events, or you are providing a service to other customers and want to align the platform costs to revenue being generated. Cloud technology is becoming more and more integrated into workflows, with some ready to trailblaze into a bright, all-cloud future, while others – understandably – approach the cloud with great caution. As always, the truth is nuanced and case-specific. We listen carefully to customer requirements, and are expertly supporting them to adopt a hybrid approach


and start from scratch? Should we use cloud only for deep storage, or fold it into every part of our workflow? These are decisions which have to be made with a great deal of care. For any technology provider helping companies to make these decisions, the power of collaboration with the customer should not be underestimated. In fact, it’s essential. At Pebble, we’re known for automation, playout and content management technologies, but alongside the tech is a wealth of experience that helps our customers build their futures. Being a good collaborator means knowing how to communicate what’s right for the customer when they may have another route in mind. We are a trusted partner because customers know we will tell them the honest truths they need to hear. Some need to invest in an


company’s bottom line. But we understand that issues of control and security, plus a host of other unknowns, may concern organisations with a traditional broadcast infrastructure. To support diverse scenarios, Pebble provides solutions – designed, installed and adapted to each deployment type, with expert insight on how to move forward. We want customers to have the flexibility of cloud, with the confidence of on-premises. No matter how tech-savvy a company may be, you need another pair of eyes on problems to get a comprehensive picture of how to solve them. Pebble is now a fully remote company, with eyes – and ears – around the world. We love troubleshooting and exploring ideas with customers. It helps them achieve their goals, and builds our knowledge of the market and how we can solve the real-world challenges broadcasters face. And if our explorations of new workflows and experience brainstorming problems with our customers uncovers a solution we don’t offer yet, you can be sure we’ll be having immediate discussions about how we can.

– ultimately meeting their business goals. There are so many permutations of how to adopt cloud – content processing, playout, disaster recovery – and any one of these might be a real gain for a


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