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Powering up For many, Euro Cine Expo gave the first opportunity to see Anton/Bauer’s new VCLX NM2 in the flesh. A 600Wh block battery, it offers 14.4v, 28v and 48v outputs, making it ideal for cinematic productions employing power-hungry

cameras, lights and accessories. A built-in LCD screen allows you to check battery status, plus the NM2 uses NiMH cells, so can safely be taken on a plane. Charge time is just five hours, the unit is water-resistant and uses passive cooling, so there’s no fan noise on-set. It will be available from August. Core SWX offers a similar unit in the Maverick block battery that has 639Wh, along with 14.4v and 28v outputs. Built for high-demand situations, its internal charger can power the pack back up in five hours. The Helix Max series, meanwhile, are dual-voltage onboard battery kits available in 98Wh and 147Wh capacities, in V-Mount, 3-Stud and the new Arri B-Mount platform. They work as either 14v or 28v battery packs, power on existing chargers, and sustain up to 20A at 14v and 10A at 28v. More modest in size, but no less useful, is Swit’s Mino-S140. A small

available to cater for all your power needs. The Nxtgen 25 gives out a huge 25kWh, while 145kWh can be found on the larger Nxtgen 145. Both recharge fully in an impressively short four hours and use li-ion cells.

140Wh V-Mount, it has the added advantage of a USB-C port – perfect if your Apple Macbook is running low. Cinegreen, meanwhile, sits at the very opposite end of the battery spectrum, with its smallest – the Nxtgen 25 – requiring a small trailer to transport it. The tech is currently used in the construction sector, as well as war zones and other locations where grid electricity is temporarily or permanently unavailable. More environmentally friendly than diesel generators, the company is expanding these silent-running units into film production, with a range of outputs

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