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Blinded by the lights Unsurprisingly, LED solutions dominated, with a broad range of companies showing their wares. For larger lighting set-ups, it was hard to avoid LCA, with banks of multicoloured arrays on all four corners

of its stand. Among the highlights, the company displayed the Auroris: with 24 large format pixels in an ultra-slim 3x3m fixture that provides cinema-quality white light, full-spectrum colour and comes with a range of accessories. More modestly sized, Creamsource’s Vortex4, a 1x1ft 325W LED light with a CCT range from 2200K to 15,000K and IP65 weather resistance, also caught the eye! At the opposite end of the scale, Astera’s Hydrapanel offers plenty of versatility in a small, 25W light that can be mounted anywhere. Brick-shaped, the Hydras may be stacked together to emit even more powerful beams, and feature a powerful magnet for easy mounting on metal surfaces. Its range of accessories are also magnetised for simple attachment and removal. Modest in dimensions, it still manages to kick out 1300 lumens and features both wired and wireless DMX connectivity. Plenty of full-colour lighting options were highlighted by a whole variety of manufacturers, with both Aputure and Nanlite displaying their latest additions in this space. Nanlite’s most recent is the Forza 60C with its RGBLAC six-colour system. Weighing just over 1kg, this compact head pushes out close to 13,000 lumens from its 60W output. This was shown alongside the bi-colour Forza 150B. Aputure, meanwhile, gave attendees the opportunity to get a good look at the

the forthcoming bracket that enables four LS 600 or LS 1200 series heads to be mounted together, while smaller lighting fans will be keen to get their hands on the 1ft MT Pro 36-pixel light tube that offers a vast range of creative effects. Pricing and availability for both the four-light bracket and MT Pro are to be confirmed by Aputure. Finally, Litepanels lit up the Teltec stand with its Gemini 2x1 Hard LED. With 23,000 lux on tap, it claims to be brighter than any other 2x1 panel and provides anything from a hard 20° light to a softer 100° output, plus full RGBWW and a whole host of special effects.

Light Storm 600c Pro, the company’s first- ever RGBWW Bowens-mount LED that completes the LS 600 series with a full- colour version. Those looking for greater LED power are sure to be interested in

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