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Glass acts If anamorphic lenses are your bag, Hawk is a name to seek out, providing a huge range of options in 1x, 1.3x and 2x magnifications. The company also makes a smaller selection of spherical optics. Its full range was on display at the show, from MiniHawks with super-close focusing capabilities through to V-Plus zooms, including Vintage 74 models that offer the benefits of modern lenses with a seventies look. When it comes to an older aesthetic, Schneider-Kreuznach certainly knows how to please. Its Isco4all set combines three stand-alone spherical cine primes and a legendary Iscorama anamorphic front adapter. The three Iscospherical A+ cine primes offer focal lengths of 43, 58 and 85mm and feature a 2.4 T stop, along with amber coating for distinctive flares. With a highly competitive price point, it seems the primes and adapter are proving a hit, both with owner-operators and the rental market. Zeiss, meanwhile, proudly displayed its entire set of Supreme Primes, running from 15 to 200mm following the addition of the 15mm T1.8. Deliveries of the new lens start this month, so users will soon be able to experience its quality, light weight and versatility for Super 35 and full-frame cameras.

Looking for something more quirky on the topical front? Vocas was keen to extol the virtues of its five-axis dioptre holder. With five movements: lateral, pitch, roll, height and yaw, it’s compatible with any 138mm dioptre, allowing subjects both near and far to remain in sharp focus. A flexible cuff prevents light leakage, meaning it can go on any lens.


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