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Hahnemühle sustainable & baryta papers PRICES: VARIOUS Award-winning pioneer of inkjet papers has expanded its line-up with three baryta papers and one 100% recyclable option. We test the full foursome out


Bamboo Gloss Baryta Hahnemühle’s Natural Line

MAGNIFICENT MONO The mono test clearly illustrated the paper's potential

new baryta-coated papers and one sustainable photo paper, are cutting edge in terms of materials used. This test was performed using an Epson SureColor SC-P800 printer with Epson inks. The custom ICC printing profiles were created with a Calibrite i1 Studio.

lies, the gloss finish is obvious and much more than a sheen. With its weight and finish, I think it is fair to say Bamboo Gloss Baryta has a luxurious feel. My test images look lovely on this paper. Colour reproduction is lively, with a gentle warmth that will make it great for scenics, wildlife and portraits. My mono test image also came out very well, with the punchy blacks you’d expect from a gloss finish. Highlights and midtones showed up very well, too.

SPECS ›  Guide prices 25 sheets: A4 £56.70, £2.27 a sheet; A3 £111.40, £4.45; A3+ £141.30, £5.65; A2 £215.90, £8.63 ›  Size availability A4, A3, A3+, A2, 17in, 24in, 36in, 44in, 50in ›  Key features Made from 90% bamboo fibres, baryta coating, acid and lignin-free, OBA-free ›  Weight 305gsm


collection currently comprises four different versions of its own: Agave, Bamboo, Hemp and Sugar Cane. All four are textured, so Bamboo Gloss Baryta, made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, is the first glossy finish in the family. With a 305gsm weight, this paper has a lovely heft and the base is OBA-free, so it has a warm-white look. It’s unusual for a glossy paper to have such an obvious surface texture. Where the ink

The Hahnemühle brand is steeped in paper-making history, but it’s not all about nostalgia. Its latest inkjet photo papers, including three

Photo Silk Baryta X

SPECS ›  Guide prices 25 sheets: A4 £35.60, £1.43 a sheet; A3 £67.40, £2.70; A3+ £92.60, £3.70; A2 £148.20, £5.93 ›  Size availability A4, A3, A3+, A2, 17in, 24in, 44in, 60in ›  Key features Silky gloss finish, baryta coating, cellulose paper ›  Weight 310gsm

Photo Silk Baryta X is a new, augmented version of the already popular and multiple-award-winning Photo Silk Baryta. A cellulose paper that’s designed for inkjet photo output, its base is creamy white but not quite as warm as Bamboo Gloss Baryta. The 310gsm base weight gives

the paper a pleasant feel, its surface is a smooth, silky gloss – and if you hold a finished print obliquely to the light, the sheen on the printed areas is pronounced. Printing performance does not disappoint since it coped perfectly well with my test images. Rich colours came out accurately with good saturation levels, while more muted hues came out very nicely, too. Contrast was well controlled and overall my colour test shots did not disappoint. The same applied to my monochrome test print also, with solid blacks, smooth midtones and crisp highlights on show. I reckon Photo Silk Baryta X could find itself in the everyday workflow of many discerning photographers. It is definitely an impressive material worth trying.

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