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Inkjet paper specialist Hahnemühle has extended its high-quality collection with three new baryta options and a 100% recyclable sustainable photo paper Get the analogue look with new inkjet papers

HAHNEMÜHLE IS ALWAYS a brand to innovate when it comes to the surface onto which we print our photographs, ensuring images are displayed to full effect. Case in point is its four new inkjet photo papers, which are tested in this issue. These are Hahnemühle Bamboo Gloss Baryta 305gsm and Photo Rag Matt Baryta 308gsm, newly added to its Digital FineArt Collection. There’s also Photo Silk Baryta “All new papers are available in sizes from A4 to A2, or as rolls”

X 310gsm, an everyday option between your average photo paper and the manufacturer’s FineArt line, plus 100% recyclable Sustainable Photo Satin 220gsm. FineArt, Photo & Sustainable ranges bolstered Bamboo Gloss Baryta 305gsm is the first inkjet paper within its Digital FineArt Collection with a premium high-gloss baryta inkjet coating. As its name suggests, this natural white paper is comprised of 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, with its lightly textured surface giving the look and feel of a traditional analogue darkroom baryta paper. Because of the high-gloss surface, this paper is particularly suited to printing images with reflections or

scenes involving water. Being acid and lignin free, it meets the highest standards for age resistance. Also part of Hahnemühle’s Digital FineArt Collection is Photo Rag Matt Baryta 308gsm. This is 100% cotton and devoid of any optical brighteners. Never seen before in its maker’s range is the fact that this is a matte paper with a satin sheen, making it a great option for printing black & white images. Though its surface is super fine, it’s not 100% smooth. Capable of delivering deep, velvety blacks, it’s also an option for reproducing vivid colour detail. Additional barium sulphate in its coating enhances the tonal range, sharpness and clarity. New in the Hahnemühle Photo paper range is Photo Silk Baryta X

310gsm, a successor to its beloved Photo Silk Baryta. The X factor here is its egg white colour that is not a super-bright white; it’s fast drying, plus boasts an affordable price point, making it attractive for everyday photo printing. Its unique coating can deliver a large colour space, too, including creamy whites and velvety deep blacks. We’re told that makes it particularly good for reproducing shots taken in silver halide film mode on the latest digital cameras, with the baryta coating giving the impression of traditional silver halide photo paper. The last of Hahnemühle’s four newcomers is the Sustainable Photo Satin 220gsm. This option is so named because it’s pulpable and 100% recyclable with household

waste paper, thanks to a newly developed bio inkjet coating that’s free of plastic composites. Further qualities of this bright white paper include scratch resistance, a velvety smooth surface with brilliant colour reproduction capabilities – and it’s fast drying, too. All new Baryta and Photo papers from Hahnemühle are available in sheet sizes from A4 to A2, or as roll paper, and can be purchased right away. For details of where to buy yours and further information, simply head to the URL below.


HIGH GLOSS Bamboo Gloss Baryta 305gsm is just one of four innovative new papers from Hahnemühle. Proceeds from sales of this paper support environmental projects in its Green Rooster programme

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