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First test

SPECS ›  Guide prices 25 sheets: A4 £24.90, £1 a sheet; A3 £49.10, £1.96; A3+ £63, £2.52; A2 £96.70 £3.87 ›  Size availability A4, A3, A3+, A2, 17in, 24in, 44in, 60in ›  Key features Bio inkjet coating, bright white base, satin finish, 100% recyclable ›  Weight 220gsm

point. On my test prints, this paper did not have the contrast, colour richness and D-max of the other two glossy papers in this test, but the differences are only apparent when viewing prints on the different papers side by side. Viewed stand-alone, my Sustainable Photo Satin test prints looked more than acceptable and displayed fine, smooth tones. Where this paper wins is on its pricing. It appeals as a paper for everyday printing, while it’s also perfect for family prints and working proofs. In that context, there is much to admire about it.

Sustainable Photo Satin

Sustainable Photo Satin is a 220gsm cellulose paper with a bright white base, and from its name you know that the paper has green credentials. This material is free from plastic composites/film and 100% recyclable, too. The satin finish is super smooth and printed areas have a subtle sheen

in appearance. The 220gsm base weight does mean it demands careful handling if you want to avoid any creasing and – even with A4 prints – you definitely need to support the prints using both hands. Printing performance is first rate for a paper at this competitive price

COLOUR ME HAPPY Test prints displayed fine, smooth tones

Photo Rag Matt Baryta

This is the first baryta paper in Hahnemühle’s Digital FineArt collection. Made from 100% cotton, its 308gsm base lends the paper a good heft and although it is OBA-free it has an attractive, delicate, warm white appearance. The finish itself is very smooth and it remains matte on printed and unprinted areas. The premium matte coating is claimed to reproduce vivid colours and deep blacks accurately. In addition, the baryta coat helps to retain image clarity and sharpness while enhancing tonal range. “MADE FROM 100% COTTON, ITS 308GSM BASE LENDS THE PAPER A GOOD HEFT” SPECS ›  Guide prices 25 sheets: A4 £53.90, £2.15 a sheet; A3 £107, £4.28; A3+ £136.40, £5.45; A2 £209.60, £8.38 ›  Size availability A4, A3, A3+, A2, 17in, 24in, 36in, 44in, 50in, 60in, 64in ›  Key features Premium matte coating, 100% cotton, acid and lignin-free, OBA-free, conforms to ISO 9706 museum quality ›  Weight 308gsm

Based on my small sample of test prints, Photo Rag Matt Baryta delivers on its promises. For a matte paper, the depth of blacks is really impressive without sacrificing delicate midtones and highlight detail. If anything, the blacks on my test prints may even be too deep and next time I’d probably just lighten the files very slightly before hitting the print button. Colour reproduction was accurate and lively for a matte paper, although perhaps my portrait test shot was a tad on the warm side. In summary, Photo Rag Matt Baryta is a very fine paper indeed, and with its reproduction skills and characteristics, it will find numerous fans in both the fine art and exhibition sectors.

REAL ZEST Colour reproduction was accurate and lively for a matte paper

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