Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019


Nicolai’s future travels will take him to Oslo, Norway, Istanbul and the US, where he’ll be educating TV professionals. He’s also working with Canon and on various TV documentaries that are due to air later in the year. It may appear that his time is fully accounted for, but the G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD is helping himgain some of that back. “I never thought a drive would change my workflow andmy set-up in this way,” he says, “but that’s exactly what it did.”

travelling pros. “When you’re travelling, and you have your laptop, the weak part is always the hard drive. The G-DRIVE is muchmore secure,” says Nicolai. Portable and durable, the G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD is pocket-sized. Engineered for purpose, inside and out, the integrated aluminiumheat shield ensures sustained write performance without thermal throttling and keeps it cool to the touch. “It’s a money-saver, too,” Nicolai adds. “With that drive, I can get the transfer speeds I need for editingmy 4K footage without takingmy RAIDs withme, which are always extra cost for baggage.” The G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD is approx £624/$699 for 1TB, making it more cost- effective than upgrading 1TB of your new MacBook Pro. Plus, the mobility of the drive means it’s easier to carry with you and since it’s a solid-state drive it contains nomoving parts, so it’s at less risk of becoming damaged or lost in transit.

system. “I now have one system that is always withme,” he says. His improved set-up consists of a 2017 MacBook Pro, an external GPU – for additional processing power – and the G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD, but the biggest difference to his workflow has been the drive. It’s bus powered, too, so it doesn’t need external powering. This makes it possible for Nicolai to take his G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSDwherever the story takes him. “I can edit on-set, at the airport or when I’m travelling. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can start working right away,” he explains. “The most important thing for me is that it’s so versatile. I can have the power of my iMac in a small drive that can also run my 4K footage.” At up to 2TB, the G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD can handle almost anything you can throw at it. Weighing just 0.2kg, it has a 454kg crush-proof and 3mdrop-proof rating, making it the ideal companion for

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