Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019


As a modern filmmaker Nicolai Brix is forever travelling, so it’s crucial he has reliable back-up. This is where G-Technology products excel, helping to revolutionise his business On themove T he world seems to be getting smaller all the time, and those who are successful in what they do are increasingly having to “I never thought a drive would changemy workflow, but it did”

become international in their outlook. Nicolai Brix, DOP, Canon ambassador and founder of production agency B-Visuals, tells editorial and commercial stories through the mediumof film. Nicolai is on the move for much of his working life and it’s crucial, without the sanctuary of a base to work out of, he can back up and store his footage securely, wherever he might be. This is where his favoured storage supplier, G-Technology, and its revolutionary G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD, comes in. G-Technology is renowned for its reliable, high-quality products and this solid-state drive is no exception. Benefiting from cutting-edge Thunderbolt 3 technology, the G-DRIVEmobile Pro SSD can produce transfer speeds that nowmatch those of an internal drive – a monumental 2800MB/s. This gives Nicolai the speed he requires tomake editing his 4K footage on the move viable. “I shoot a lot withmy Canon Cinema EOS C200 and Cinema EOS C300, so I’mdealing with pretty heavy footage,” he explains. “I had just tested the G-DRIVE by doing some

read and write speed tests when I was given an assignment that arrived with a very short turnaround time. I needed to deliver test footage with some edits, so I used the drive to edit the footage onmy laptop from a hotel and it worked.” At up to 20 times faster than a regular portable hard drive, the ability to transfer a terabyte of data in sevenminutes saves hours over the life of a project on a PC or Mac. “I spent 140 days travelling for work last year, doing documentaries, campaign commercials and educating TV professionals,” says Nicolai, “so this drive has been a massive time saver for me. I can actually domy 4K workflow frommy MacBook Pro with that drive.” Flexible working Without the need to transcode his 4K footage to a lower resolution or transfer it to an internal HDD/SDD, Nicolai sold his iMac and switched to a more flexible

ABOVE Nicolai takes the G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD wherever the story takes him, editing on-set, at the airport or when travelling. With the drive, he can get the transfer speeds he needs for editing 4K footage without taking his RAIDs



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