Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019


says that the first two gigs were relatively quiet affairs, “but the third one was crazy”. Concert Canapé #3 was organised for a gig by Scottish punk band, The Exploited, and reached almost 120,000 people with over 7000 Facebook interactions, 39,000 views and over 1000 likes. It was also shared almost 800 times. Concert Canapé #4, snappily titled The Hellfest WarmUp, reached over 125,000 people. Other bands in the series have included The Rumjacks (a punk rock/celtic folk band fromSydney), American hip- hop bands Reverie and Camp Lo, France- based band La Belle Bleue, Led Zeppelin tribute band Crimson Daze and US-based metalcore band Conveyer. Looking ahead, the team is already planning on expanding its technical systems to support bigger events – for example, outdoor concerts. But, at present, there are no plans tomove the project beyond the platformof Facebook Live. Meanwhile, the teamat Le Ferrailleur is considering sharing some of its videos on other online channels. In future, Montupet hopes to augment the live shows with additional content, such as live or recorded interviews that can be broadcast just before the show. Other ideas include putting on acoustic sessions ahead of themain event or seeking partnerships with bigger players. One positive point is that, unlike some venues, Le Ferrailleur owns its own set-up and does not have to spendmoney on hiring a third-party operator to filmany of its gigs. More details about future concerts that are being streamed fromLe Ferrailleur can be found on the club’s programme of events on its Facebook page. IMAGES Le Ferrailleur does not have ultra-high-speed broadband, so live streaming relies on 4G mobile networks

“It’s still very unstable on Facebook, mostly because of Facebook Live itself”



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