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Meanwhile themore cinema- focused version of the Panasonic GH5, the GH5S, was narrowly pipped to theMirrorless title by its Sony rival, the A7Mark III. Boasting a full frame 24MP sensor, themodel is a highly capable still camera while also offering high-end filming facilities. On the Camcorder front the JVC HM180 came out on top, combining a tantalising price point with a strong feature set. Perhapsmost impressively the camera is set up for live streaming, a facility that’s becoming evermore important. The winner in the Cinema camera category is the Sony FS5Mark II.With

Last year was another strong one for cameras, with a flurry of new launches, but for the 2018 awards there were a fewold favourites still in favour, with the Canon EOS 5DMark IV reprising its success from2017 in the DSLR category. A genuine hybrid, it’s hugely valued by those with a foot in stills andmotion camps, andwith its ability to output 4K footage as Motion JPEGs, high ISO capability, MP4 and .MOV formats in Full HD andMovie Servo AF it boasts a fine feature set that makes it a valuable partner for those working in the professional arena.

its Super 35-Sized CMOS sensor, UHD at 24/30fps, HD up to 240fps capabilities, XAVC Long, AVCHD recording codecs and compact form factor, there’s no doubt that this is one of themost preferred camcorders on themarket. Finally there’s another repeat success for Canon in the Camera for rental section, with the EOS C300 Mark II once again being voted top camera, seeing off the likes of the REDWeaponMonstro and the Arri Alexa LF.

IMAGES Mirrorless, DSLRs, cinema cameras... our worthy winners have triumphed in a crowded market



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