Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019


Thousands of professional filmmakers took the time to vote in our latest Gear of the Year Awards. The results are now in, as we celebrate some of the very best products on the market O ur Gear of the Year Awards continue to go fromstrength to strength, and thousands of you took up the invitation to cinema cameras through to lenses, microphones, bags andmore. There were some clear winners, a few surprises, the verification This business continues to be fast moving and exciting and there will no doubt be some strong contenders for our next set of IMAGES From cameras and lenses to recorders and mics, check out some of the kit shortlisted in our awards

awards. In themeantime, however, this is a snapshot of the best of the best as things stood at the end of 2018– andmany congratulations to all of thosemanufacturers who have been honoured andwho have given us such a great set of tools to workwith!

of the continued excellence of certain key brands and the arrival of a few newplayers, and overall it was very satisfying to have the input of working professionals who are, after all, at the sharp end of the business and in the best position of all to pass judgement.

get involved. Such is the strength of themarket right now that even achieving a place on our shortlist was an achievement; to come out on top of the pile speaks volumes for the product involved. We’ve had your verdict on everything from the best of the current crop of



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