Pro Moviemaker Spring 2019



Zoom lens

Sigma 18-35mmT2

Prime lens Zeiss CP.3 XD 50mmT2.1 Lens accessories Schneider True-Streak Filter

One of the major spin-offs resulting from the explosion of interest in filmmaking that’s taken place over the past ten years is the proliferation of high-quality and more affordable dedicated cinema lenses, a fact borne out by the strong contenders in the lens section of the latest awards. In the Zoom lens category the winner is the excellent 18-35mmT2 fromSigma, which saw off strong challenges from the Zeiss LWZ.3 21- 100mmT2.9-3.9 and the Fujifilm MK 18-55mmT2.9. Boasting a constant aperture throughout the “Last year was another strong one for cameras, withaflurry of big launches”

zoom range, the outstanding optical performance of this lens makes it fully ready for high-resolution shooting in 6K-8K productions, and yet it’s still available at a price that’s way belowwhat cinema zooms would once have cost. It’s a price point that’s been achieved by leveraging high-precision, high-efficiency mass production technologies that Sigma has developed for its still camera lenses, and the end result is a combination of performance and compact design at the highest level. The winner of the Prime lens category is the Zeiss CP.3 XD 50mm T2.1, which achieved nearly 40%of the overall vote. This standout lens is one of a highly rated family of ten that feature advanced lens coatings, painted lens rims and special light traps within the barrel to eliminate unwelcome veiling glare and flares.

The result is higher contrast, richer blacks andmore saturated colours and, combined with a compact and lightweight design, the 50mmT2.1 is a valuable professional tool that should give years of service. The final category in our Lenses section is for accessories, and the deserved winner here is the Schneider True-Streak Filter, a clever piece of kit that’s designed to be used perpendicular to a point light source such as the sun, a light bulb, or a candle. The result is prominent, elongated streaks that are symmetrical and extend horizontally from each point light source for a visually dramatic effect. Simple and straightforward but highly effective; just what every good accessory should aspire to.



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