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ASTERA UNVEILS VERSATILE LUNABULB FOR FILM & TV R eplicating the appearance of a conventional bulb, but levelling up

is achieved via the LunaBulb PrepCase (which holds up to eight LunaBulbs). The PrepCase is also offered as a PrepInlay, granting users the flexibility to build the inlay (without its surrounding protective box) into their own set-up, be that a flight case or other custom unit. The battery-powered PrepCase and PrepInlay offer up to an hour’s runtime or indefinite use with a Titan Tube charger, allowing efficient pre- configuration of bulbs before arrival on-site. Each bulb features a CRMX chip for DMX address auto-assignment and pre-configuring dimming and colour. Users can control bulbs via the app for groupings and effects, or use the Bluetooth Bridge for broader set control. Furthermore, an IP44 rating ensures outdoor usability. Purchase options include kits or individual components for scalable set-ups.

quality and control, Astera’s LunaBulb is a nifty new solution for film and TV production. Debuting at Cine Gear LA, it draws 3.5W and is available with an E26, E27 and B22 fitting – screwing directly into an AC-wired bulb socket. Users can adjust both white levels (1750-20,000K) and colour (RGB, mint and amber, with RGB, HIS, XY and filter gel colour selection options), providing stunning, flicker-free lighting in various settings. Built around Astera’s Titan LED engine, LunaBulb can easily convert from a classic bulb – ideal for practical lighting – to a slimline bulb, which can be inserted into different lamps and spaces. The lights can be wirelessly controlled via Astera’s CRMX app, through BTB link or using the brand’s White and FX Remotes. Configuration

EPIC ADDITIONS TO THE VILTROX LENS RANGE V iltrox has expanded its widely renowned EPIC series with two new anamorphic lenses: the 100mm T2 1.33X and the 25mm T2 1.33X Cine lenses. These additions join the popular 35mm, 50mm and 75mm primes, enhancing the range’s versatility for filmmakers. The EPIC series is celebrated for its impressive image expression, retro colour reproduction, constant 1.33x squeeze ratio and minimal focus breathing – delivering consistent optical performance across all focal lengths. These new anamorphic lenses continue this tradition, offering stunning visual quality with a constant aperture and seamless integration into any cine set-up. Whether capturing sweeping landscapes or intimate close-ups, the Viltrox EPIC anamorphics are designed to meet the demands of modern cinematography while evoking a classic aesthetic.



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