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A RRI has announced the Hi-5 SX – a budget-friendly, single-axis addition to its premier Hi-5 wireless hand unit line. Designed to manage a range of single-axis tasks, the Hi-5 SX offers compatibility with any camera and lens, maintaining ARRI’s reputation for robust and sophisticated equipment. The Hi-5 SX shares the ergonomic design and intuitive touchscreen interface of its three-axis sibling. The standout feature is its upgradability via software licences, allowing users to expand its functionality as needed. New licences include the Hi-5 SX Plus, enhancing lens mapping and user interface options as well as the Hi-5 SX All-Axis, enabling full three-axis control. The unit’s durability guarantees reliable operation in harsh conditions, while its swappable radio modules cater to different set-ups and regions. With shipping starting 1 October, it will offer an accessible yet advanced tool for filmmakers at all levels.

VENUS OPTICS INTRODUCES LAOWA ARGUS T1 CINE SERIES LENSES V enus Optics unveiled the Laowa Argus T1 Cine series – the world’s

low-light performance, shallow depth- of-field and dreamy bokeh. The Super 35 optics offer a wider angle of view and a close focusing distance of 9.84 inches, while the Micro Four Thirds versions boast a compact design and superb sharpness at T1. All lenses in the series minimise chromatic aberration and feature low focus breathing and consistent colour rendition.

first ultra-fast T1 aperture cine lenses – available in focal lengths between 18 and 45mm. Compatible with full-frame, Super 35 and Micro Four Thirds formats, the lenses are offered in mounts for Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z and Fujifilm X. Key features of the full-frame lenses include a rapid T1 aperture for great

CINELEX SKYCAST REVOLUTIONISES WIRELESS DMX CONTROL C inelex has stepped up the Art-Net app-based lighting control with the introduction of the new SKYCAST, enabling direct to CRMX wireless DMX control from an iPad, iPhone or laptop. The SKYCAST is available with either USB-C (SKYCAST-C) (iPad/iPhone) or USB-A (SKYCAST-A) (laptop) secure connectivity. It opens a new world of accessible and efficient CRMX wireless DMX lighting control to those using apps like Luminair, Blackout and MADRIX. SKYCAST is simple to use: connect to your device, sync with any DMX-capable lights using a SKYNODE or the light’s integral LumenRadio CRMX, then open your app or the SKYCAST’s built-in web browser interface to get dynamic and seamless wireless DMX control.



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