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T o much fanfare, Canon has launched its EOS C400 cinema camera, featuring an RF mount and the advanced CN7x17 KAS T lens. This addition to Canon’s line- up is designed for versatility, catering to everything from indie cinema and documentaries to live broadcasts and newsgathering. The EOS C400 is Canon’s first high-end RF mount cinema EOS model, representing a leap forward in the EOS R system. It boasts a compact yet powerful design – equipped with a 6K full-frame back-side illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, offering 16 stops of dynamic range. This advanced sensor technology

ensures exceptional image quality even in poor lighting conditions, thanks to Canon’s innovative triple base ISO technology. Filmmakers will appreciate the EOS C400’s array of in-camera connectivity options, including genlock, return input and a 12-pin lens terminal, making it ideal for live multicamera productions. Its compact form does not compromise on features, maintaining a high level of functionality typically found in larger cameras. The EOS C400 also introduces Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, providing comprehensive 100% sensor plane coverage for swift and precise AF. This feature is especially beneficial for

solo operators in dynamic environments, with capabilities for face, eye, body and animal detection and tracking. Canon’s CN7x17 KAS T lens – compatible with both RF and PL mounts – complements the EOS C400 perfectly. It provides a 7x optical zoom and focal length range of 17- 120mm, ideal for production scenarios such as live sports and documentary filmmaking. The brand also announced a firmware update for the EOS C300 Mark III, introducing 12-bit Cinema Raw Light formats as well as an auto ISO feature for better workflow flexibility and seamless transitions in shifting lighting conditions.


H ollyland has launched Pyro H – an HDMI-only video transmission kit capable of delivering 4K video at 30fps. Utilising dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, Pyro H supports up to four receivers, ensuring stable, long-range monitoring up to 1300ft with low latency of just 0.06 seconds. Key features include HDMI loop out, UVC streaming for live broadcasts and Smart Channel Scan for optimal performance. Pyro H’s cutting-edge technology and versatility make it a game changer for filmmakers and production crews, addressing the need for reliable, high-quality video transmission on-set.



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