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Presuming you own a smartphone and have Wi-Fi or a reliable 4G connection, then you can stream right now without any extra cost. The two most popular streaming outlets are Facebook Live and YouTube Live, and all you need to do is log on to those apps and follow the instructions on screen. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll be broadcasting your message within seconds. And Facebook or YouTube saves the broadcast so anyone can watch it again later. This simplicity, of course, can be a bit of a problem as some clients think that’s all there is to it. Zero cost and hassle or planning, but also very low quality. It’s a single, often wobbly, handheld camera with awful audio, and you can’t add any graphics. And you won’t have the footage to edit properly later. It’s not hard to make this footage better, though, by simply using a smartphone mount on a tripod to take out the wobbles and adding a proper mic. This makes a huge difference to audio quality, which is often the biggest let-down, just as innormal filmmaking. There are several adapters that allow you to plug a decent mic into an iPhone socket that are ideal for a single mic. Or use a mic designed for the job. The Sennheiser ClipMic Digital is a lav mic that plugs right into an iPhone, while Zoom’s iQ6 X/Y and iQ7 Mid-Side both have two adjustable mics, while the Shure MV88 has a stereo and directional pickup. Saramonic has a range of options, from the basic SmartMic that plugs into most phones to the stereo version specially for Apple smart devices. There is also a range of mic adapters withUSB-C connections, a SmartMixer (which is a lightweight audio mixer for phones) and the SmartRig+ Di, which has a two-channel audio interface that can provide 48V phantom power for XLR mics, yet plugs into your iPhone. Rode has a whole range of options, such as VideoMic series, which is a directional mic available for Apple phones or other smart devices, a Lavalier Go mic, i-XY stereo mic ideal for music performances or i-XLR, which lets you use a professional XLR mic in an iOS smartphone. “There are several adapters that allow you to plug a decentmic into aniPhonesocketthatare ideal for a singlemic”

IMAGES Using your smartphone and some audio kit, you can start your streaming right away



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