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One alternative for easy streaming is to invest in a 1080p live streamMevo Start or 4K Mevo Plus streaming camera. These cameras wirelessly link to your iPhone, which not only acts as the streaming device – via Wi-Fi or cellular - but also lets you control the camera from its own app. There are basic audio inputs or a built-inmic, and the camera has a wide-angle 150° lens. Epiphan Webcaster X2, so you can plug in your camcorder via HDMI and it streams directly to your Facebook Live or YouTube accounts as it comes preconfigured with their settings. It can also plug in via Ethernet. It’s simple, but is ideally for things like webcams rather than professional streaming. You can use a simple HDMI switcher to connect more than one camera to the Webcaster, but many don’t work properly for video from cameras. And audio is a problem as the switcher takes video and audio from each connected camera, where you might want to stick with a single, specified mic. 2. INVEST IN A SMALL STREAMING SYSTEM The 4K Mevo streams in HD, but can record in 4K to a MicroSD card for editing later. The cameras also stream to more than just Facebook Live and YouTube, and are ideal to plug into

But it’s always an issue to have more than one person talking, so something like Rode’s SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit is ideal as it’s a small box that plugs into an Apple iPhone’s Lightning socket. It has tiny wired SmartLav+ lapel microphones and a further socket into which a set of headphones can be plugged for monitoring. It’s controlledby the freeRode Reporter app, which lets you configure record modes and adjust the mic pre gain. If you are using your phone or tablet to stream to Facebook or YouTube Live, or any of the other platforms, any of these audio solutions will transform the sound into something far more professional.

a computer. They can be especially useful as a backup camera or wide- view/general-view camera for multicamera streams. If you just want to use the Mevo to offer basic single-camera streaming, then you can invest in the Mevo app, which dovetails with Vimeo for streaming. There are overlay graphics, livestreaming to multiple destinations, loads of stats so you can see who has been watching, and a lot of storage on Vimeo, where your streams are held. Alternatively, you can buy Wi-Fi web streaming devices such as the



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